Monday, January 11, 2016

Rope Talk of the Old West Cowhands

Old West Cowhands "Rope Talk"

Here is a brief list of some general rope terms used by the Old West Cowhands:

Lariat is an Americanization of la reata, Spanish for the rope

Lasso is the lazo, meaning in Spanish a noose or snare.

Lazo reata is a Spanish term meaning snare rope.

Catch rope, throw rope, saddle rope, grass rope, twine, whale line, hard twist, lass rope, and rope are all used to designate a catch rope.

Reata is from the Spanish reata, meaning rope, but the American cowhands use it to designate a rawhide rope.

Reata men are hands who use a rawhide rope and they sometimes refer to this rope as a lass rope.

Roping terms used by the cowhand are, rope, meaning to throw a rope, roped, meaning to have caught something with the rope, roping the act of catching and looped meaning caught.

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