Thursday, November 6, 2014

AAA Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle- For Sale

 photo by Ory Photography

Buckaroo Leather has a great Saddle for Sale

It is a used AAA Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle.

The price is $2600 (sells new for $3450).

This is an incredible saddle of the highest quality!.

photo by Ory Photography

This saddle has a 16” seat. The swells, back jockeys and half-covered stirrups are stamped with a traditional geometric box stamp giving it a traditional “waffle” look. And the rest of the saddle is Rough Out with a “wavy river” border stamp around edges; it has a look similar to a rope design.

The Stirrups are 3” bell bottom with half-covered design and leather treads installed.

 photo by Ory Photography

If your interested please email Buckaroo John at or call him at 530-545-0139

photo by Ory Photography

 See More Details about this saddle here

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