Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back-to-School Sale at Buckaroo Leather Products

 It is Back to School time.That Means Back to School Shopping. Are you looking for the perfect back-to-school outfit????

How about a new outfit for your horse????? 
Gear up your horse with some new leather horse tack.

Buckaroo Leather is having a Back-to-School Sale

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From August 17th to August 27th

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 Buckaroo Leather has some  
Hot New products to outfit your horse with......

Buckaroo Leather is excited to offer these Buckaroo and Buckarette Flat Brim Hats to all of you out there having a hard time finding the right one. These Nevada style hats are the Rage of the Sage.....

Thanks to our good friends Debbie and Eitan Beth Halachmy and Garn Walker of Cowboy Dressage World...we have the Buckaroo flat brimmers you are looking for...

These hats are the rage of the sage with the look of the Buckaroo Californio, Spanish Vaquero, Cowboy Dressage style you all love.

Buckaroo Leather is offering 2 different models from Atwood...

 Buckaroo Flat Brim Shantung Hat


 Palm Leaf Flat Brim Hat

Custom Buckaroo Concha Leather Hat Band

Add some Buckaroo Style to your Nevada style flat brim hat with these quality leather hat bands. You choose the concha!!! Read More here...

Buckaroo Leather is proud to have Cowboy Dressage endorse our quality leather horse tack. We are also excited to be working with talented Vaquero Horseman, Jeff Sanders, and Cowboy Dressage trainer Garn Walker to create exciting new Vaquero style horse tack exclusively designed for Cowboy Dressage. You can find these quality leather  creations in our new category on the Buckaroo Leather website....."Cowboy Dressage Horse Tack"

Bridle and Rein with Rawhide Set

Great Sale Price....

Regular Price $349

Sale Price $298

Buckaroo Leather products are THE BRAND TO DEMAND! This Hermann Oak Harness Leather Headstall is a Browband style with a width of 5/8". Read More Here....

 Our Complete Vaquero Cowboy Mecate Snaffle Bridle Set

This set includes our Hermann Oak oiled Golden Bridle Browband single buckle on the Poll Headstall with hand engraved silver conchas......see more here

Slidear Swell Cheek Headstall

Our performance weight supple oiled Harness Leather with extra hand finishing and stainless steel hardware. This leather headstall slidear was inspired by the old vintage shaped leather horse tack.
See more here.....

A Vaquero Single Buckle Headstall

This Hermann Oak Heavy Bridle Quality Leather Headstall is made in the old California Vaquero traditional styling. This is a Scallop cheek browband style Headstall made from Mid weight Oiled PREMIUM single-ply stitched Bridle leather. See more here....

Vintage Silver Stud Spur Straps

Spur Strap oiled Harness Leather cowboy shaped and finished with Beautiful stainless silver studs for easy care and never rust.
See more here....

 Cowboy Dressage Rein

Top Quality Western dressage Reins that are made in our shop in AMERICA! These Dressage Reins are 10 ft. long. They are a one piece loop rein with a 1/2" rolled width and is made from the finest heavy weight Hermann Oak Rolled (rounded) leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. These reins are designed by Garn Walker of Cowboy Dressage World. Buckaroo Leather is honored to be their horse tack supplier. See More Here...

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the 
Western Horseman the safest most durable 
Quality American made leather horse tack....... 
Buckaroo John Brand Buckaroo Leather, 
The Brand to Demand Visit Our Unique Store Today  
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Cowboy Dressage Endorses Buckaroo Leather Products

Garn Walker and his custom Buckaroo Leather Dressage Reins in action

Cowboy Dressage is an up and coming event and discipline in the equine world. Cowboy Dressage was created by horse trainer Eitan Beth Halachmy. This discipline is a beautiful blend of Traditional Western Horsemanship and Classical Dressage. 

"Cowboy Dressage, when dressage suits your needs, but a stetson fits your blending both disciplines and taking the best from both. The rider becomes more educated, patient, and understanding. Allowing for the partnership between horse and rider to bloom.....that partnership being the goal of all good horseman and horsewoman."......Eitan Beth Halachmy

Buckaroo Leather is very proud and honored to have Cowboy Dressage endorse Buckaroo Leather Products quality horse tack.

Buckaroo Leather will be working with well respected Cowboy Dressage trainers Debbie and Eitan Beth Halachmy, Garn Walker, and Vaquero Horseman Jeff Sanders to create custom quality Cowboy Dressage horse tack.

The Cowboy Dressage Gaits

“Lightness” represents the highest achievement between horse and rider. There are no short cuts on the road to its success. It is a pure partnership built on trust and reward. Lightness is accomplished when full use of the riders correct aids have maintained the horse in balance, cadence and carriage. When a horse is taught to “balance himself” and not rely on the riders hands to hold him in frame, lightness occurs....Debbie Beth Halachmy

Lightness is the driving principle of cowboy dressage that both Debbie and Eitan use. Their passion for horses and love of the dressage and western horsemanship disciplines have fused together to create this passionate and beautiful form of equine sport.

Debbie Beth Halachmy Dressage Cowgirl

Click here to learn more about Cowboy Dressage and the competition

Eitan on his horse Santa Fe Renegade

The Cowboy Dressage World has many partners (see above photo of cowboy dressage family). Buckaroo Leather is honored and excited to work with all these amazing horsemen and horsewomen to create custom leather horse tack uniquely designed in the Cowboy Dressage style and function.

Cowboy Dressage Family
picture-top Row: Eitan Beth-Halachmy, John Moe, Lyn Ringrose-Moe, Terry Tomasini, Sarah Dickinson, Garn Walker
Bottom Row: Susan Tomasini, Katrina Sanders, Debbie Beth-Halachmy

Buckaroo Leather was honored to custom design Garn Walkers cowboy dressage leather reins. It was a great pleasure to work with Garn to create these uniquely designed leather reins specific to cowboy dressage.

Cowboy Dressage Reins

Top Quality Western dressage Reins that are made in our shop in AMERICA! These Dressage Reins are 10 ft. long. They are a one piece loop rein with a 1/2" rolled width and is made from the finest heavy weight Hermann Oak Rolled (rounded) leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. 


Quality leather horse tack customized by Buckaroo Leather. Call John Brand to help you design your dream horse tack

Be Sure to Sign up for the Cowboy Dressage newsletter and stay informed of upcoming events by clicking here.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving
the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality 
American made leather horse tack....... Buckaroo John Brand 
Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand 
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