Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is a Sidepull Headstall and How to Use

Watch this video by Dennis Quilliams from HorseSense on how to use the sidepull headstall.

HorseSense Signature Sidepull. Dennis explains the parts of the sidepull and how to fit and use it. Sidepulls can be used for everyday use. Horses respond well to them when they are used properly.

SidePull Headstall-old cowboy style

This Headstall is a Side Pull bitless style with a width of 5/8". This headstall has a new swell shaped leather noseband and browband and comes with nickle hardware. This sidepull headstall comes standard with a buckle on one cheek for adjustment. A 2 buckle option is also available for extra adjustment (1 on each side)

This sidepull headstall is available in Small Horse sizes, Cob, Pony, and Regular Horse sizes. This headstall is Now also available in Large Horse sizes, Mule, and Draft Horse sizes.

Click here to read more and purchase your sidepull headstall....

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Cowboy Code of the West......Laws to Live By

"few cowboys ever owned much. The primary reward of being a cowboy was the pleasure of living
a cowboy's life."

I Love this quote...a cowboy's life is.....hard working...ha
s simple pleasures.....working the land with your own hands.........has simple rules...

Cowboy Code of the West

-If it's not yours, don't take it.
-If it's not true, don't say it.
-If it's not right, don't do it.
-Cowboy's word is his sacred bond
-Bargains sealed with handshake are more binding than legal documents
-be loyal
-Demand square dealings
-Be proud of your occupation
-Lay down your life, if necessary, for the privilege of defending your outfit
-Grant quick assistance to friends and strangers in need
-Never tolerate cowards
-Be cheerful
-Endure hardships without complaining
-Don't make excuses
-Try to be better than the other fella
-Never quit
-Share anything you own with a fellow worker
-Be generous with your life and money
-Treat women like ladies
-Never shoot an un-armed or un-warned man
-Stealing and rustling are evil wrong doing

The cowboy code of the west meant that in the Old West a contract was sealed by a handshake. A cowboys word meant something. Good character was a valued commodity. A cowboy's reputation followed him from town to town.

The code of the west helped the cowboys to know that when a wrong was done to someone there were consequences. That people who did not follow the code were probably not of good character.

Hence why there were not that many laws in the old west...... (like today!!)

Cowboys and ranchers knew from the code what right and wrong were. It was wrong to steal a horse. Breaking into a man’s cabin and assaulting his daughter was wrong period, no excuses!

Here is a story from the old west....depicting how important and serious the code of the west was

"Two cowpunchers out looking for work rode up to a Texas ranch in time for dinner, expecting the customary offer of a free meal. The boss fed them, but afterward demanded 50 cents in payment. Outraged at this violation of Western hospitality, the men roped a three-year-old steer belonging to their host and used a saddle ring to brand on its flanks the message: "Meals—50 cts." The steer was left to roam the range and proclaim the owner's ignominy."

Today, our world is missing these basic of common sense "laws". I know today's world is much different from the world of the old west- but the values and common sense of the code of the west need to be apart of all our lives today.

There are many cowboy and cowgirl's who live by this code today........

Myself and my company, Buckaroo Leather, started over 30 years ago stand by and live the Code of the West. I strive to keep the spirit of the old west and the code alive today....
I encourage all you cowboys and cowgirls to do the same..........Ride American!!!!!!

All the photos featured in this post are of the Buckaroo John family in 1915.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving
the Western Horseman the safest most durable
Quality American made leather horse tack.......Buckaroo John Brand
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Western Leather Horse Tack Springtime Check.....

The groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.......six more weeks of winter!!!! So how do horse men and women "chopping at the bit" for that first spring ride pass the time...????

They start by taking out their western leather horse tack and do a "spring check" on all their horse equipment. The "spring check" includes cleaning, oiling, and conditioning your leather horse tack. This check of your leather horse tack is vital to insuring your first spring ride is safe and enjoyable for both you and horse.

Western Leather Horse Tack Spring Check List


Take everything apart and inspect all your leather horse tack, including your saddle for wear. Especially at all areas ("picture 1") where yo
ur tack folds around the bits, buckles and saddle riggings. This is where there will be the most wear and stress. You need to replace any parts cracked or stretched. Chancing it is not worth the safety risk. Take your time; your piece of mind is worth it.

Secondly -

Clean all your leather horse tack and saddle with lots of water and glycerin saddle soap. Don't be afraid to get your leather tack wet. You have to get all the dirt and sweat out.

Third -

Hang all your horse tack to dry. Before it is completely dry, oil with a good quality neatsfoot oil. The drying process will help suck the oil into the leather.

The western leather horse tack "spring check" is a great habit to get into, not only for adults, but for children too. Teaching your children about quality AMERICAN MADE leather tack and it's proper care will insure the safety of both your child and horse.

It will also give you a sense of pride and confidence i
n your saddle and horse equipment....

This springtime check is essential to keep your leather horse tack in good working order for the safety of both rider and horse. Not to mention increasing the longevity of the leather. Cleaning is important but checking the
durability of your leather horse tack is vital.

One of the ways to stop the wear on your saddles billets, are Wear Leathers!

One of Buckaroo Leather's innovations is the Wea
r Leathers (pictured above) on all our offside billets. The wear leathers stops your saddle rigging dee rings from wearing into the billets, which can cause a stress point!!

You can purchase the wear leathers separately!! Buckaroo Leather always puts safety first! The wear leathers can be added to any billet. Slides on very easily!

To find out more about the Off Side Billet Wear Leather, click here to watch our How-to-Video!

Along with the leather horse tack spring check an important thing to remember is knowing you have quality leather horse tack to begin with!

Buckaroo Leather prides itself on the AMERICAN MADE quality leather we use from Hermann Oak Leather to manufacture all of our western leather horse tack. A quality leather horse tack will be more durable and mu
ch less likely to crack making it safer!
The following will give some guidelines to follow w
hen choosing Quality Leather Tack.

The Four Key things to look for in Quality Leather are:

1. Feel.......Is the leather soft and supple? If it feels “dry” probably not quality. Even though “harness” leather may seem roughed out it still has a soft and pliable feel

2. Smell......
Yes, it important to “smell the Leather. Quality leather has fresh warm smell, whereas inferior leather can have a chemical or ammonia like smell. Off odors are the first hint of leathers tanned quickly and inexpensively.

3. Color
......Even so, some Quality leather may be dyed it will still show the pliability and fresh smell noted above. Inferior leather seems to be “dull”. Dark color dyes can hide lower quality and poorly matched leathers.

4. Check the Details
.......Examine the fine, even stitching (less than 12 stitches to the inch) with all ends neatly finished and tucked in is a hallmark of good workmanship and quality tack. So are edges that have been skivved and burnished or rubbed until they are round and hard before being dyed. Look for durable hardware with strong steel tongue buckles and rounded edges that won’t cut into the leather.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the
Western Horseman the safest most durable
Quality American made leather horse tack.......Buckaroo John Brand
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