Thursday, April 25, 2013

Horses Helping Our Hero's.....Rainier Therapeutic Riding

Rainier Therapeutic Riding is a non-profit organization that helps wounded active-duty and veteran service members and their families by providing therapeutic horsemanship services . A few months ago Buckaroo Leather had the extreme pleasure, along with Mark Bolender of Bolender Horse Park of watching this incredible group in action. Mark has partnered with Rainier Therapeutic Riding to provide funding and awareness to this program. 

Buckaroo Leather was extremely impressed with this organization and their dedication to our deserving wounded hero's.  Buckaroo Leather encourages all who love horses and our veterans to learn more about this group and their up coming fundraiser in November.


The mission of Rainier Therapeutic Riding is to utilize equine-assisted therapy to promote healing, teamwork and fellowship dealing with post traumatic stress and other physical and emotional challenges faced by our active and retired military. The concept of using horses to provide therapy to humans is similar to the effective nature of dogs visiting shut-ins. 

As an outdoor activity, it is also similar to the athletic benefits provided to injured military by scuba diving and golf. However, one unique aspect of horse back riding makes it especially effective in dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). All horses have a behavior called hyper-reactivity, the fright and flight reaction to perceived threats. Soldiers diagnosed with PTSD have this same behavior. This means they react with great fear and anxiety to situations that are actually non-threatening. By showing the soldiers how to train horses not to be afraid of scary mud puddles in the trail (for example), they can see that fears they experience are not always justified and may be worth expending effort to overcome.

The riders move towards a goal of trail riding and horse-camping. Soldiers develop horsemanship skills and facilitate personal healing using the unique behavior traits that both horses and people with PTSD share. Using horses appropriate to their skill level, soldiers learn to train their horses to work through their hyper-reactivity. Learning to control their body language, breathing, and to become conscious of their own bodies reactions to stress earns the horses’ respect for the soldier as a leader. 


“I came into this project not knowing really what to expect. I never thought it would help me this much. I came into it still paralyzed from the knee down on my right leg walking on a cane with severe PTSD and anxiety from my deployment. And now after just the past 9 weeks of working with the horses and volunteering at the stables I am now much happier emotionally, walking without a cane and as of last week I am able to lift my leg 45 degrees backwards...” Dean Baker

Rainier Therapeutic Riding will be having their Second Annual Heroes, Horses and Hope Dinner and Auction on November 9th, 2013. Since Rainier Therapeutic is a non-profit organization, events like this help raise vital funds for the program. This is an amazing opportunity to support this group. If you are interested in donating an item for the auction or attending the event click here.

If you are also interested in volunteering or signing up as a rider please contact..... 
or Debbi Fisher at 360-259-3782

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Rawhide Reata a Work of Art and a Tool of the Vaquero

The Vaqueros of the old west were skilled horsemen who valued their horses and their rawhide horse tack. The Vaqueros had an arsenal of "tools" to assist them with their every day task on the range. One of these "tools" was the Rawhide Reata (or riata).

The word reata is from the Spanish word reatar, meaning to retie or a rope which ties one animal to another. The rawhide reata was a long braided rawhide rope used by the early Mexican Vaqueros and was no doubt first introduced into Mexico by the Spanish conquerors. Though the word reata is often used to refer to any rope, the genuine Vaquero reata was and is a special item. The reata was usually 40 to 80 feet long and was made from twisted strands of rawhide. The finest riatas used rawhide strands, cut by experts, from the primest part of several young heifer hides. The hides were well chosen and properly cured.

The Reateros (Spanish for "rope maker") were masters at the craft of braiding reatas and all other vaquero rawhide tools. Many of these tools were truly works of art. The braiding of the riatas was not only an art form but the braids had uniformity and even tension. This was to insure a durable working tool for the Vaquero.

The rawhide riata was the most useful tool of the Californio Vaquero and he was highly proficient in handling it. The dexterity displayed by the Vaquero ropers impressed the early Americans cowhands and the riata was quickly adopted by them as were other items of equipment used by the vaqueros. The riata can be thrown farther, with the use of less energy and retaining a more perfect loop, than any other type of rope on the market.

The Mexican way to treat the riata to keep it supple was to tie it between two trees. Then rub it first with lemon juice (cut a fresh lemon in two and rub the fruit along the length) and then rub it with beef fat (suet). This kept the leather from drying out or becoming stiff. Today, if you use an artificial product it will make the reata too limber.

 The Riatas of the old west and today are braided in 4, 6, or 8 strands. The 8 strand, if made by a top reatero, is a beautiful article and superb for light roping. For the average hard work on large stock, the 4 strand is the best. Diameters vary according to individual preference, but the 3/8 inch riata is the one most used today and in the old west. A rawhide riata can also be different stiffness's (called in roping circles: lays) depending on what type of rawhide is used. For instance, bull hide make a very stiff rope perfect for heel roping.

The rawhide reatas of the old west were a useful tool of the Vaquero. But, one may also look at them as a true work of art and craftsmanship.

Be apart of true Western Horsemanship at the Horsemen's Re-Union in Paso Robles, Ca. See our modern day horseman and horsewoman use their knowledge of the Vaquero's of the Old West to start 40 colts in 5 days.

The Horesmen's Re-Union is from April 15th-20th and Buckaroo Leather is attending this magnificent display of horsemanship.

 Buckaroo Leather Wagon at the Horsemen's Re-Union

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Horsemen's Re-Union.....Authentic Western Horsemanship

In the Old West on the cattle ranches the cowboys would get together to start a bunch of colts to work on the ranch and herd the cattle. The cowboys used their years of experience and horsemanship skills to start these colts. Can you imagine taking part in that western horsemanship. 

Well now you can.....Come to the Horsemen's Re-Union and take part in six days of Real Authentic Western Horsemanship.

2nd Annual Horsemen's Re-Union
April 15-20 2013
Paso Robles, Ca
Paso Robles Event Center

The Horsemen's Re-Union brings the best horsemen in the world together to start quality colts in an open educational forum.

6 days, 20 Horsemen, 40 colts

In these six days you will be able to watch these talented horsemen from the US around the world turn 40 un-started horses into a group of young saddle horses, ready to do ranch work or other events. Some of the horsemen will also be exhibiting cow horse, cattle working, roping and ranch branding demonstrations at the event.


This horsemanship event was founded by Rowly and Cathie Twisselman, owners of the Madonna Inn Quarter Horses in Southern California and horsemanship clinicians, Chris Cox and Martin Black. 

Their vision of allowing the public to be apart of this amazing show of skill and horsemanship began a year ago and was a smashing success. This year's event will prove to be just as successful!

2013 Horsemen & Horsewomen

United States:

Martin Black
Wade Black
Chris Cox
Craig Cameron
Trevor Carter
Larry Mahan
Buster McLaury
Kyla Prunty Rianda
Ed Robertson
Thomas Saunders
Cathie Twisselman
Ty Van Norman


Ron Wall
Leah Read


Jonathan Field
Mike Sears


Shlomik Raziel


David Alonso


Juan A Vendrell


Antoine Cloux


All the horsemen and horsewoman have volunteered their time and talent for the event. They will not be judged or timed and no awards will be given.

Along with the amazing show of horsemanship their will be a Horsemen's & Sponsors Trade Show. Buckaroo Leather Products will be one of the participants at this trade show. Buckaroo Leather will be at this amazing event the whole week showcasing our quality leather horse tack. We will have all your favorite breast collars, headstalls, cinchas and our new popular Retro Headstalls.

In the evenings this event will even have an authentic cowboy chuck wagon cook off, cowboy poetry, and wine and beer tasting.

This amazing week concludes with a Grand Finale/Sale Preview and a Horsemen's Re-Union Horse Sale where many of the horses that these horsemen have started will be offered to the public at an auction. 

Come be apart of a week of authentic Western Horsemanship and hang out with Buckaroo John of Buckaroo Leather Products.

Follow the Horsemen's Re-Union on Facebook

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality American made leather horse tack....... Buckaroo John Brand Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand Visit Our Unique Store Today Buckaroo Leather Shopping Site

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Michaella Walker and Buckaroo Leather Attending the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo

Buckaroo Leather Products is on the road again (or airplane) heading over to the

April 5-7 2013
Indiana State Fairgrounds 

The Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo is a 3 day fair & expo celebrating and promoting the equine industry. Traditionally held in April, the event includes horse demonstrations, live entertainment, educational presentations by nationally renowned horse clinicians and trainers, 4-H competitions and other youth activities, ranch rodeo and a large trade show.

Some of this years attractions are the Breed Pageant, Equiversity, Ma'Ceo-an equine Cirque du Soleil, the Parade of Stallions, the Ultimate Mustang Challenge and of course the clinicians. One of the clinicians being our good friend Michaella Walker.

Michaella Walker was born and raised in San Mateo, California. Her dream as a child was to own a horse ranch. Through her travels around the world she never lost that dream. Even while working as a Radio Disc Jockey for FM Kyoto in Japan, she pursued her horse dreams, traveling many miles to ride in Nagano with a famous Japanese Horse Trainer and Movie Director. Her extensive experience includes studying with old time Gaited Horse Trainers as well as Top Practitioners of Natural Horsemanship.


After dedicating over 25 years of her life to working with people and their horses. Michaella has developed ALPHA LEADERSHIP, a unique approach to horse and rider team. Alpha leadership will give you the skills, and your horse the confidence to perform at a higher level in any aspect of horsemanship. Whether you want to compete with your horse or just have a solid trail horse, Michaella can make your dreams come to reality.

Learn more about Michaella's reasoning for training the horse with a more natural approach and showing others how to be The Alpha Mare...Listen to Michaella's Interview Here

You will find Buckaroo Leather at Michaella Walker's booth, 
        Booth #711B in the Blue Ribbon Building

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality American made leather horse tack....... Buckaroo John Brand Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand Visit Our Unique Store Today Buckaroo Leather Shopping Site