Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dog Collars to Match Your Horse Tack

Dog Collar and Leash Scalloped Set with Silver

Did you know that Buckaroo Leather can create a custom dog collar and leash too match your other 4 legged friend…your horse!!!!

Buckaroo Leather uses the same quality leather from Hermann Oak Leather that are tanned in the USA to create your dog collar and leash. 

Buckaroo Leather prides itself in making quality leather horse tack and dog collar/leashes right here in America!!

Western Dog Collar and Leash Set

Western Dog Collar and Leash Set
Western Dog Collar and Leash Set

And as a side note a little interesting history on dog collars. In ancient Greece dog collars were used more to protect the dogs. Farm dogs wore spike studded collars and sheepdogs wore a leather collar studded with nails. These studs protected both dogs from being bitten in the neck by a wolf.

An interesting fact is that sheepdogs needed to be white, so they could be seen at night. While the farm dogs had to be black, so they could be concealed to surprise intruders.

In the Middle Ages, dogs were used as hunters and shepherds. Their dog collars used were made from simple leather for boar and hare hunting.

In Europe, during the Renaissance, owners used plain dog collars, but added rings for leashes and name tags.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the 
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