Monday, October 24, 2011

Review of the Get Down Rope with Bosal By TnT Ranch

Tom and Traci Davis own and operate TnT Ranch in Texas. They recently wrote a "glowing" review of Buckaroo Leather's Git Down Rope with Bosal and Hanger.

Below is their review and more information about their ranch, training and blog. I encourage you to follow them on facebook, twitter and visit their blog and YouTube videos for training techniques.

Tom Davis Horsemanship

Tom is an excellent trainer and clinician! Tom takes horsemanship extremely serious and wants only the best for horse and rider! Tom has 20+ yrs experience and knows horses. He offers Private Lessons, clinics and full care training for your horse.

“The foundation of your colts career is everything – without it you will have nothing.” -Tom Davis

To learn Tom’s quiet methods of starting colts, and have hands on experience with Tom demonstrating and coaching you along the way. Book Tom to come to your facility or sign up for a clinic here at TnT Ranch. Tom will guide you and your group in the ways that have worked for him for years.

Interested or need more info – email or call 254-433-0806

Traci Davis is a wife, mother, author, brokers horses, fitness team organizer, multitasking extraordinaire. TnT Ranch has AQHA/APHA horses of all types for all riders for sale, they will match you with the horse that is right. If you have one to buy or sell please contact them! They can find you a new one maybe help sell the old one!!

Get down rope with Bosal and Hanger

Attention Horseman and Horsewomen!!!

Are you looking for quality tack and leather products? Well Buckaroo leather let us try a great product that they offer and wow – we really liked it! Tom put the Git Down Rope w/Bosal & Hanger to work! This is a great product and very usable.

Buckaroo leather offers quality tack at good pricing. This Bosal and mecate is a very well crafted. Tom has used it with everyday riding and also was able to use it during a ranch rodeo and one of his horsemanship clinics. The small bosal is great for leading and tying your bridle horse so to not put undo pressure on your horses mouth.

........John will treat you right and sell you quality tack and leather items for your horse.

Most anyone can find Tack to meet their particular demands on this website! Yet, for the rider who has needs for measurements, alterations or changes to bring their ideas to perfection, Buckaroo leather, has skilled craftsmen to meet their demands.

To read the whole review click here........

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Custom Made Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle

Buckaroo Leather is proud to introduce our hand bench made Wade Post saddle. We have been working on this for awhile now with a saddle maker with over 25 years experience in saddle design, custom fitting of horse and rider, hand tooling, carving and construction!


The Wade Buckaroo Ranch saddle is hand crafted from premuim Hermann Oak leather. This buckaroo ranch saddle was made with the working cowboys/cowgirls and western riders in mind.

Click here to read more specifics about the Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle.

Here are your options:

1) AS PICTURED- The swells, back jockeys and half-covered stirrups are stamped with a traditional geometric box stamp giving it a traditional “waffle” look. And the rest of the saddle is Rough Out with a “wavy river" border stamp around edges; it has a look similar to a rope design.

2) All Rough Out.

3) All Smooth out (grain out).

The wade buckaroo style saddle has always been a favorite of old west cowboys, but recently these slick fork style saddles have gained popularity in western riding.

A wade tree saddle is a slick fork type saddle. This slick fork or buckaroo style of saddle is primarily used for working long hours in the saddle while tending to cattle and livestock.The "Slick fork" (or A-fork) refers to the shape of the saddle's fork, the part at the front of the sadddle tree that joins the bars together and provides a base for the horn. The fork on a slick fork saddle is generally only 8 to 10 inches wide with the sides of the fork sloping straight up to the outside of the horn.

There are many styles of forks, but the slick fork in a buckaroo style wade saddle is what makes this saddle a cowboy/cowgirls and western riders dream. The slick fork style allows the front of the saddle to be open, which provides more comfort for long rides and freedom of movement for ranch work.
Here are more features of the buckaroo style wade saddle that appeal to both western riders and cowboys/cowgirls:

Sits exceptionally low and close to the horse giving the horse better leverage when holding roped livestock.

short, stout horn built for dallying. Wood post horn (not metal) that is part of the laminated layers that create the fork. This construction allows the gullet area to be scooped out without sacrificing strength, and allows the saddle to sit lower on the horse.

The bars of the tree have more surface area in contact with the horse's back than most other western trees, providing better weight distribution.

Deep seat designed for comfort and security for long hours in the saddle.

Stirrups are hung directly under the rider, placing the rider in the optimal balanced riding position.

Double rigging

Traditionally flat plate rigging, but in-skirt is becoming more popular

Higher cantle

The History of the Wade Saddle

(thank you to our friends at cowboy showcase)

Clifford Wade, whose family came west on the Oregon Trail, had a saddle, made by an unknown maker, that his dad brought with him from the east. Tom Dorrance, who lived in Wallowa County, Oregon, cowboyed with Clifford and admired Clifford’s livestock handling ability and the saddle Clifford rode that he had inherited from his dad.

According to Dale Harwood, (pictured here) noted Idaho saddle maker, in 1939, Tom Dorrance took Clifford’s saddle to Hamley & Company Saddle Shop in Pendleton, Oregon. He had a new saddle made on a saddle tree copied from the tree in Clifford’s old saddle.

In 1940, Tom Dorrance was not satisfied with the fit of this saddle. He went back to Hamley’s and worked with Walt Youngman, head tree maker at Hamley’s, and they made some modifications in the saddle tree. At that time, Hamley’s made both saddle trees and saddles at their shop. Dorrance continued riding this improved saddle throughout his long career as the premier horse psychologist.

Hamley’s made more of these trees that Tom Dorrance and Walt Youngman had designed. They wanted to call them Dorrance trees, but Tom wanted the tree named after Clifford Wade from whom they had copied the original. Hamley & Company made a few saddles on the Wade trees. They were mostly scattered around northern Nevada, eastern Oregon, and southern Idaho, but had limited popularity.

In 1961, Dale Harwood opened a saddle shop in southern Idaho. Harwood had buckarooed on ranches all over northern Nevada and Oregon. He started making saddles for working buckaroos.

In 1962, Ray Hunt had Dale Harwood build him a saddle on a Wade tree. Harwood credits Ray Hunt with popularizing the Wade style of saddle by riding one in the many horse clinics Hunt conducted throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas.

Own a piece of history with this hard working Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle and With the name Buckaroo Leather on your saddle and tack,you know there is no higher guarantee of quality and workmanship. It represents an organization proud of its establishment in 1979, and ever since catering to horseman and women with two generations of experience and knowledge applied in the making of riding equipment to the most exacting standards. And rest assured you will receive the most value for your money spent.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Cowgirls Sport, the Barrel Race a Rodeo Event.

A Cowgirls Sport, the Barrel Race a Rodeo Event.

A popular cowgirl sport is the barrel race. This rodeo event is where the horse and rider attempt to complete a clover leaf pattern around set barrels in the fastest time. the barrel race combines the horse's athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of a rider in order to safely and successfully maneuver a horse through the pattern.

Though both cowboys and cowgirls compete at t
he youth level, and men compete in some amateur venues, in collegiate and professional ranks, it is primarily a rodeo event for cowgirls.

In the 1900's when the women began to compete in the rodeo's they excelled at horse racing, trick riding and relay. Their weight was an advantage and, due to their gentler nature, the females seemed to have a closer kinship
with the horses.

Gail Hughbanks Woerner wrote an in depth history of barrel r
acing. Her history begins with Faye Blackstone, a trick rider in the 1930's. Read the story below.......

"Faye Blackstone began her trick riding caree
r in the 1930s, but when specialty acts began being replaced Faye turned her great horsemanship talents to barrel racing. She and a few other cowgirls began the barrel racing event in Florida in 1950.

Dixie Reger Mosley began her rodeo career at age 51/2 years old, trick riding on a Shetland pony. Growing up in a rodeo family gave her many varied opportunities, including some rodeo clowning. When the Girl's Rodeo Association (GRA) began in 1948, which turned in to the Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) in 1981, Dixie was the bullfighter, rodeo clown, and competed in most events, except bull riding. She saw barrel racing evolve through the GRA organization to become an event for women that today offers purses that compete with the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association (PRCA) event purses".

To read more of this Barrel Race history and cowgirls in rodeo click here......

Barrel racing is a sport that demands skills and a strong bond between horse and rider to successfully compete as a team. Strong horsemanship and communication comes with team work and horse and rider tr
usting each other. To further the communication between horse and rider you need the right barrel race horse tack.

Buckaroo Leather manufactures quality leather
horse tack for all skill levels, pleasure riding, training, and rodeo competitions.

For Barrel Racing this headstall and barrel reins are just what a cowgirl needs for effective communication......

Gag/Snaffle Old Visalia Headstall

Old west Visalia look Leather Headstall is made with Genuine Hermann Oak Golden Bridle, oiled to a medium Honey color as pictured or Black, then rubbed from the finest heavy weight stitched leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. Made special with short cheeks to fit GAG bits properly! It is hand carved in the old Visalia designs, Wild Weeds or Old Basket stamp. This Headstall is a Double ear style. Pictured in 1" width for the wide old tyme Visalia look but can be ordered in 3/4". Has easy change 5/8" Buckles at the bit ends and has all engraved Stainless Steel buckles. Available in Regular horse, Large horse/mule and Draft.

Laced Barrel Gaming Rein LR2863

Harness Leather western Reins made in AMERICA! Made from premium Hermann Oak Harness leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. The Reins are 3/4" -8" adjustable. There are Nickel Plate scissor snaps and Rawhide loops on these Quality Leather Barrel/Trail Reins. They have soft Chap lacing across the hand hold for a graduated grip and feel. Great for performance events and trail riders.

To read more about barrel racing horse tack click here.......

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cinch Pink for the Cure by Buckaroo Leather Products

Cinch Pink for the Cure

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Buckaroo Leather has started "Cinch up for the Cure" horse tack for breast cancer awareness.

For every Buckaroo Leather Mohair Cinch purchased, Buckaroo Leather will donate $20 to Susan G Komen for the Cure, Boise Affiliate.

The inspiration for this unique piece of horse tack came from Traditional Mohair Cinchas (the artisans who created the cinches)
This unique piece of traditional western horse tack came from a customer, a Breast Cancer survivor. It was a special gift to herself, a reminder, of her second anniversary of recovery.

Buckaroo Leather offers the traditional Buckaroo Vaquero Cincha (pic on the left) and the Buckaroo Cowboy Cincha (pic on the right). The cinchas are hand woven with care one thread at a time by Traditional Mohair Cinchas. Each cinch has custom colors and the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon.

The mohair cinchas have the colors, pink for breast cancer, white for purity and black to honor those who have lost the battle. "It's great to be able to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Not only are our pink cinches promoting health for women, they are also helping horses these women ride, be more comfortable." - Val Littfin (owner Traditional Mohair Cinchas)

"The Vaquero cincha with the pink ribbon is an ever vigilant symbol of victory over breast cancer and a reminder that early detection of breast cancer saves lives".- Vicki Geretschlaeger (owner Traditional Mohair Cinchas)

Buckaroo Leather has also created a special facebook page for Cinch Pink for the Cure. The page is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, survivors, loved ones, and cowgirls who want to support breast cancer awareness. Click the link below and like the page and pass along to all your cowgirl friends who also want to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Also go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Boise Affiliate website to view the Cinch up for the Cure event and information, health tips and more.

If you have a loved one, friend, or are a breast cancer survivor yourself, and are a horse enthusiast, help Buckaroo Leather and Traditional Mohair Cinchas raise awareness and hope.........

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the Western Horseman the safest most durable
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