Friday, January 29, 2010

FDT Vlog Equipment tip: Bitless Bridles-The Side Pull

Thank you to Farah DeJohnette, an extremely professional trainer...

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Pinkerton Detective Agency

I think we all know the great western movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

The famous line from the movie, " Who are those guys"?

Well who "were those guys"? They were the Pinkertons' chasing down the "Kid" and Butch Cassidy for the railroad company.

The Pinkerton Detective Agency was hired by the railroads to catch not only Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid but also Jesse James.

The History behind The Pinkerton Detective Agency and its founders is truly fascinating. Below is that history-

Allan Pinkerton (25 August 1819 – 1 July 1884) was a Scottish American detective and spy, best known for creating the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, the first detective agency of the United States.

Pinkerton was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to William Pinkerton and his wife, Isabell, in 1819. The location of the house where he was born is now occupied by the Glasgow Central Mosque. A cooper by trade, he was active in the British Chartist movement as a young man. Pinkerton married Joan Carfrae (a singer) secretly before moving to America. Disillusioned by the failure to win suffrage, Pinkerton emigrated to the United States in 1842, at the age of 23.

In 1849 Pinkerton was appointed as the first detective in Chicago. In the 1850s, he partnered with Chicago attorney Edward Rucker in forming the North-Western Police Agency, later known as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency which is still running (but has been renamed) as a subsidiary of Securitas AB. Pinkerton's business insignia was a wide open eye with the caption "We never sleep." As the United States expanded in territory, rail transportation increased. Pinkerton's agency solved a series of train robberies during the 1850s, first bringing Pinkerton into contact with George McClellan and Abraham Lincoln.

Prior to his service with the Union Army, he developed several investigative techniques that are still used today. Among them are "shadowing" (surveillance of a suspect) and "assuming a role" (undercover work). Following the outbreak of the Civil War, Pinkerton served as head of the Union Intelligence Service in 1861–62 and foiled an alleged assassination plot in Baltimore, Maryland, while guarding Abraham Lincoln on his way to his inauguration. His agents often worked undercover as Confederate soldiers and sympathizers, in an effort to gather military intelligence. Pinkerton served in several undercover missions under the alias of Major E.J. Allen. Pinkerton was succeeded as Intelligence Service chief by Lafayette Baker. The Intelligence Service was the forerunner of the U.S. Secret Service. He arrested Rose O'Neal Greenhow, an actress/Confederate spy, by looking through her window.

Following Pinkerton's service with the Union Army, he continued his pursuit of train robbers, such as the Reno Gang and the famous outlaw Jesse James. He was originally hired by the railroad express companies to track down James, but after failing to capture him, the railroad withdrew their financial support and Pinkerton continued to track James on his own dime. After James captured and killed one of Pinkerton's young undercover agents, who was foolish enough to attempt to gain employment at the James farmstead, he finally gave up the chase. Some consider this failure Pinkerton's biggest defeat. He also sought to oppose labor unions. In 1872, the Spanish Government hired Pinkerton to help suppress a revolution in Cuba which intended to end slavery and give citizens the right to vote.

In late June 1884 he slipped on a pavement in Chicago, biting his tongue as he did so. He didn't seek treatment and the tongue became infected, leading to his death on 1 July 1884. At the time of his death, he was working on a system that would centralize all criminal identification records, a database now maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Pinkerton is buried in Graceland Cemetery, Chicago. He is a member of the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

After his death, the agency continued to operate and soon became a major force against the young labor movement developing in the United States and Canada. This effort tarnished the image of the Pinkertons for years. They were involved in numerous activities against labor during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including:
▪ The Homestead Strike (1891)
▪ The Pullman Strike (1894)
▪ The Wild Bunch Gang (1896)
▪ The Ludlow Massacre (1914)
▪ The La Follette Committee (1933-1937)

Many labor sympathizers accused the Pinkertons of inciting riots in order to discredit unions and justify police crackdowns. The Pinkertons' reputation was harmed by their protection of replacement workers ("scabs") and the business property of the major industrialists, including Andrew Carnegie.

Pinkerton was so famous that for decades after his death, his surname was a slang term for a private eye. Due to the Pinkerton Agency's conflicts with labor unions, the word Pinkerton remains in the vocabulary of labor organizers and union members as a derogatory reference to authority figures who side with management.

Pinkerton's exploits were in part the inspiration of the 1961 NBC western television series, Whispering Smith, starring Audie Murphy and Guy Mitchell.

Pinkerton produced numerous popular detective books, ostensibly based on his own exploits and those of his agents. Some were published after his death, and they are considered to have been more motivated by a desire to promote his detective agency than a literary endeavor. Most historians believe that Allan Pinkerton hired ghostwriters, but the books nonetheless bear his name and no doubt reflect his own views.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Squadron A - Us Army Cavalry

I found this interesting story, of the Squadron A Cavalry. Many of you horseman and women may not be familiar with the story...

The History of Squadron A-the "New York Hussars"

Squadron A originated, in 1884 out of a group of 18 wealthy, young gentlemen with great interest in equestrian sport who formed themselves into first as a political club and then as an exclusive troop cavalry group called the "New York Hussars". They adopted fancy blue uniforms and headgear for ceremonial purposes that mimicked Eurasian fashions dating back to the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars. In effort to become more professional and militarized, they extended membership to Captain Charles F. Roe, twenty-year veteran of the US Army Cavalry, who inspired its membership with the cavalry spirit and military discipline. His efforts were successful to the point that in 1889 fifty-three men were mustered into the New York State National Guard (NGSNY) as Squadron A, becoming the first cavalry arm of the Guard of the Empire State. Squadron A was officially founded.

Squadron A was often called out from its Madison Avenue Armory, which occupied an entire city block between 94th and 95th Streets, to escort presidents, governors, and foreign dignitaries. The Squadron was known for its fine riding skills and elegant uniforms, which it showed off in parades at the National Horse Show.

They earned their spurs as soldiers as well. Volunteer Squadron A troopers went to Puerto Rico in 1898 to serve in the Spanish American War, and in 1916 the entire Squadron was called into federal service to patrol the Mexican Border and to chase the bandit, Pancho Villa.

During World War I, 796 Squadron A members served, and 609 became commissioned officers. As part of the 105th Machine Gun Battalion, the Squadron played an important role in the smashing of the Hindenburg Line. Squadron A brought home three Congressional Medals of Honor, 17 Legion of Honor awards and 24 Crois de Guerre.

In January, 1941, some 11 months before Pearl Harbor, the Squadron was federalized as the 101st Cavalry with two troops becoming mechanized and one remaining horse. During World War II,its members became part of the crack 101st Cavalry Group, code named "Wingfoot", which fought gallantly in Germany and Austria. Members of the Squadron earned 2 Congressional Medals of Honor, 5 French Legion of Honor Awards, 5 Order of the British Empire, 10 Distinguished Flying Crosses and many other honors including a Presidential Unit Citation.

In peacetime both between the Wars and directly following, the Squadron was the focus of a very active social life. Aside from official ceremonial duties, there was indoor polo in the Armory every Saturday night followed by a black tie-dance and many Sunday afternoon tea dances.

Sadly the 94th Street Armory came down in 1965, but its facade, with the Squadron motto BOUTEZ EN AVANT (Charge!) is still intact. Squadron A memorabilia is respectfully maintained in a museum at the Staten Island armory of the 101st Cavalry (Tank), NYARNG, the worthy successor unit to the Squadron. The 101st was one of the first military units to respond to the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 aiding both citizens and police and have been mobilized in support of the Global War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Spirit and traditions are further maintained by the Squadron A Association, housed in the Women's National Republican building on 51st Street in Manhattan. Colonel Robert L. McClean, USAR (ret.) is president of the Association which boasts more than 700 members and is a testimony to the enduring cavalry esprit de corps of the Squadron. The Squadron A Association not only keeps alive its heritage but also has a characteristically active social agenda with a day at the Belmont Racetrack, a Memorial Service with reception, and a Christmas cocktail party. Additional events have included a Cavalry ball, visits aboard an aircraft carrier during Armed Forces Week, West Point football outings, and polo and shooting parties.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Large Horse, Draft Horse and Mule Leather Horse Tack

Large horses, mules and draft horses are becoming more popular by the day.

Making a large demand now for quality tack and equipment that fits properly.

The Large Horses all have heads longer and broader across the brow with larger throats. So we now have large horse headstalls..

Mules have a narrower chest and need the type of breast collar that fits up above their shoulders and usually need an over the neck strap to hold the breast collar up in the best pulling position. We proudly now make western tack for mules.

And of coarse, Draft horses are larger all over. We now have

draft horse tack designed to fit.

So with more and more requests Buckaroo Leather has added a line of Tack to fit in the same Top Quality American made Tradition it is respected for.

Below is a sample of the quality horse tack for Large Horses, Draft and Mules. To see more please visit or website and the category Large Horse, Mule and Draft.

For a custom fit, include with your order the complete crown/poll measurement- from the corner of the mouth along the head up over the poll down to the other corner of the mouth.

Ultimate Sidepull Headstall Leather Nose LH225L

The Buckaroo Ultimate sidepull Headstall is just that- THE BEST. Made from the finest heavy weight Hermann Oak Harness leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. This Buckaroo Headstall is double and sewn with a soft chap lining, and oiled for that soft supple feel. This Headstall is a Side Pull style with a width of 5/8", available in Sm. Horse/Cob/Pony & Regular Horse size. Now also available in Large Horse/Mule and Draft Horse size.

Or purchase the same Ultimate Sidepull but with a beautiful Heart Concha (Shown Here)
Ultimate Sidepull LH225L-SPHRT3

SidePull Bitless Bridle Set

Hermann Oak quality 5/8" Harness leather regular horse size, flat leather nose, double & stitched with soft chap lining; hand edged, rubbed and oiled for a soft supple feel. It features adjustable throat latch, chin strap. Brown Cotton one piece style reins are attached with harness leather slobber straps. Available in Large Horse/Mule & Draft sizes. A great addition to your horse tack equipment.

Pulling Breast Collars w/SPBA-Antique Berry Conchas BC66C

Buckaroo Leather products are THE BRAND TO DEMAND! We have added 4 beautifully hand engraved Antique Berry Conchas to this Quality Hermann Oak Leather Buckaroo style Breast Collar BC66C. This Cowboy Pulling style Breast Collar is American made of Golden Bridle leather, is 2 1/2" wide, oiled & stitched with a soft chap lining and finished with Nickel Plate roller buckle hardware. The Breast Collar has an over the shoulder fit and is designed to wrap through the saddle swells, perfect for a pulling position. This version is available in Large Horse/Mule and Draft Horse size.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving
the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality
American made leather horse tack.......

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Video- How to Properly Fit the German Martingale

The German Martingale is a fantastic Training device if used properly. The German Martingale is used as a training aide to gently apply direct pressure on the reins to give the horse more direct contact. This then translate into a clear message from you to the horse what you want them to do.

It is not to be used on the trail or for pleasure riding. It is not meant to be an artificial means to control your horse. If used properly, your horse will be well trained and ready to ride the trails!

The video above will demonstrate the proper fit of the German Martingale as well as the extraordinary quality of the product. With proper fit and adjustment this German Martingale will bring about the desired results from your horse, with gentle easy movements.

We at Buckaroo Leather encourage the proper use of such training aids, but remember they are designed as aids, and not as Daily Use tack.

The German Martingale is available with either Split Rein or Roping/Barrel style Rein. Please visit the Buckaroo Leather Retail Site for quality leather German Martingales.