Monday, January 14, 2008

Western Horse Halters, Styles and Fit

Western Style Horse Halters

There are many styles of Halters on the market today.
There are many made for specific purposes, but most
are purchased because of personal preference.....

All Halters are designed to basically to keep you horse tied or near you while you are working with them. Leather Horse Halters are designed with eye appeal and detail to quality
in finish and hardware. The #LH130 Ultimate Halter
pictured at the right is made with Stainless steel
hardware and Hermann Oak Harness leather
lined with supper soft glovey chap leather.

Halters with wide leather nosebands are becoming
the hot popular item now because the can be so
personalized with hand tooling, conchas, bling, horses names
and award lettering......

Halter fit is important, as you do not want it to tight,
because it will rub and be uncomfortable to your horse.
The two finger distance rule under the chin strap,
throat latch strap, and crown over the top of
the head strap is a good rule of thumb.....

Some halters have a adjustable chin strap, just be careful
not to get it to tight.

The Brand Family at Buckaroo Leather has manufactured the highest
Quality safe and durable Horse Tack for 27 years and wants to THANK YOU for taking your time to stop by and be more informed.

We look forward to learning and answering your questions and comments.
Buckaroo Leather The Brand to Demand

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Anonymous said...

Dear John:
I absolutely love the bridle I got from you!!!!! I can tell that my horse Rickey loves it too. He acts like a whole new horse when he’s wearing it. I also have had many complements on the bridle. Last rodeo we got an 18.376 in barrels and I knew the bridle had something to do with it! I have a rodeo next week and I will keep you posted on how I do on my times.


Ashley Bragg

CHSRA District 3