Thursday, December 20, 2007

Western Leather Breastcollars, What They Are, Why and How to Choose and Use.....

Western Breast Collars have a very simple but useful purpose....

To keep your saddle from sliding back and in the best fitting position on your horses back. Keep in mind it also depends
on how well your saddle fits your horse, the better your saddle fits
the less it will move around.
Your decision on which type of Breast Collar to use will be based upon the type of riding you do and personal preference.
The wider the Breast Collar the more the pressure
is spread out across the chest.

Styles of Breast Collars used for different types of riding:

-Narrow-1"style- Flat trail, Show ring, Light performance,
Endurance were lightweight is a factor...

-Mid size-1 1/2"-2"-Mountain trail, Barrel racing, Gymkhana,
Cutting, any med. to high performance events...

-Widest- 2-3"- Packing, Roping, Ranch branding work, High performance
were you will need to dally on your horn.

You have many styles available to match your
saddle or personal preference with beautiful hand tooling, stamping, and conchas or rawhide braiding.

Lets talk about fit. Most of the Breast Collars on the market today fit around on the shoulders and connect to the cincha ring. Riders are discovering
that is a little restrictive and rubs across the shoulder.

Many saddles now come with a dee rind mounted up higher on the front, for a better Breast collar position up over the shoulder at the base of the neck. Like an old harness collar for pulling a wagon...

An analogy would be the fit of your back pack....
if the shoulder straps fall down onto your upper arm it is very uncomfortable....

This theory over the shoulder at the base the neck is becoming very popular! Different styles are being made To fit this way--
Many now have an over the neck strap which connects at the upper rings on the Breast collar and goes up over the neck between the saddle and the mane holding the Breast Collar up for proper fit. This strap can be purchased separately......

Some are called Buckaroo style, Nevada style, Old Martingale style, and pulling style....

The pulling style as pictured on right is designed to fit any saddle as it wraps up through and around the pommel with one strap on each side of the horn fitting any saddle... even without upper front Dee rings on your saddle.

This style breast collar is ideal for all medium to ultra high performance events. 
Quality Finished Leather Breast Collars are extremely important
due to the pressure on the front of your horse. When manufactured
the edges of the Breast Collar must be finished off and rubbed down so there are no sharp edges to prevent chaffing. 
Always check your Quality Leather Horse Tack for safety reasons
and make sure there is not any build up of hair, sweat or dirt on
the underside against your horses hair as this can chaff and create problems.
The Brand family at Buckaroo Leather has manufactured the highest Quality safe and durable Horse Tack for 27 years and wants to THANK YOU for taking your time to stop by and be more informed.
We look forward to learning and answering your questions and comments.
Buckaroo Leather

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Anonymous said...

Buckaroo Leather tack is made from the finest quality leather and I have always been greatly satisfied with all the products I own. The leather is durable and the workmanship is of the highest standards. I use their headstall & reins set LH2641 & LR283 and have recently purchased breast collar BC59T. I am very happy with these products and will continue to use Buckaroo Leather Products.

Cowboy Bill said...

I am loyal customer of Buckaroo Leather and have always been satisfied with their quality of leather. These Blogs are highly informative and long over due. Thank you for the quality leather products. I look forward to using my new Leather Breast Collar with this new knowledge.