Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Nosebands & Tiedown straps........

What are They and How do We use Tie-downs and Nosebands

Nosebands and Tiedown straps are used in combination

to help teach your Horse to keep their head
and nose down and in a tucked position
and not to throw their head around......

It is important when you are in performance
events that your horse keeps their head down
in a balanced position for better performance
and also so their head doesn’t obstruct your view...

Some horses have a real problem and bad habit with this
and require professional advice and or training to correct.....

There are training methods with Martingales, etc.
to help with these problems....

You will want to have your Tiedown adjusted
so your horse can move their head up to a
natural position and not overly restricted.

It is important to be careful not to have the
Tiedown adjusted to short and tight.

The Caveson style noseband also has an
important use to teach your horse from
gaping and opening their mouth to far.

The bit will not work as designed and does
not look good if your horses mouth is gaping open.

The caveson is used without a tiedown strap.
The Brand family at Buckaroo Leather has manufactured the highest
Quality safe and durable Horse Tack for 27 years and
wants to THANK YOU for taking your time to stop by
and be more informed.
We look forward to learning and answering your
questions and comments.

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redheadedcowgirl said...

Thank you for this informative and interesting blog about Nosebands and Tiedown straps. I use your quality leather products and are very satisfied with their constant performance. I enjoy your blogs-I check back once a week to see what is new. Keep up the good work. Redheadedcowgirl

Killlashandra said...

I agree it's important people know how to correctly use a tie down. I've been to one too many event where I see them used incorrectly and the horse's head is practically looking at the ground at an unnatural angle. Nothing is more important than a little education.