Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Buckaroo Cowboy Way of Life........

You all that love and enjoy the chance, as much as our family
does, to experience the western cowboy way of life, should
take the time to check out Bogus Creek Outfitters and ranch
in the beautiful Treasure valley of Boise, Idaho!

We went on their sleigh ride dinner up at Bogus Basin
in a beautiful snowy winter setting for without doubt
the best evening of buckaroo style dinner and
entertainment in the West.......

Outstanding food in a remote cabin served the cowboy way
with flair of cowboy poetry and western hospitality.....

At their ranch their family also offers facilities for weddings, parties
and corporate gatherings in a western town setting.

It is obvious their family loves promoting the western family
way of life as much as we do here at Buckaroo Leather....

We enjoyed seeing the Buckaroo Cowboy way of life is alive
and thriving out there if you take a moment to look for it!!!!


Buckaroo Leather
The Brand to Demand

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Killlashandra said...

Yeah for horse drawn sleighs!