Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Brand Family and Buckaroo Leather

Hello fellow Western Horse aficionados and all who
love the feel of Quality Leather horse tack.


It's not a hot Iron, but attention to quality that marks every Buckaroo Leather Product manufactured by The Brand Family.

Bob and John Brand started the business 28 years ago in their barn in Diamond Springs, Ca.
John pulled the showroom trailer around the Western States to promote and acquire retail dealers to sell their products.They moved out of the barn and into our own building and hired more help in 1989.

Over the years John's wife Michele has ran the office and their children, Jason, Bryan and Kalyn worked in the plant on weekends and summers.

At the manufacturing plant some of their employees have been with them for more than 20 years hand crafting tack (from Quality Leather such as Tanned and Cured by Hermann OakLeather for the Western rider, from headstalls to reins, breast collars, hobbles, and all the training and pleasure riding equipment.

One of their most popular items are the Buckaroo Reins, which have gained respect in the training and show rings because of their unmatched quality and supple feel that enhances communication between horse and rider.

We are here to deliver to you the finest available to assure your peace of Mind of owning and using Quality Leather Horse Tack, Buckaroo Leather, The BRAND to Demand

Come back and Visit is Soon
John Brand, A.KA. BuckarooJohn

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