Monday, December 3, 2007

Welcome to our Place of Western Tack Commerce

Hello friend of the Western Horse.

I am John Brand, a.k.a Buckaroo John, owner of Buckaroo Leather
The BRAND to Demand.

My family and I have enjoyed manufacturing Quality
Leather Western Horse Tack and Accessories for almost 30 years.

We are located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in
California. The old Gold mining Town of Diamond Springs is where we
fashion the Finest in Traditional Western Horse Tack.

We buy the best cured Leather and Fashion it in the traditional "Vaquero Style"
of Old California to provide you with durable long-lasting Tack to enjoy your
Horse with the peace of mind of safety and knowing horse is "well-dressed"
for the Performance Horse ring or just out "for a day's Gather"

Enough Commercial......

The purpose of this blog is keep you informed on the state of the art
systems and procedures for the care of your Quality Leather Tack.
I will be posting tips and trick accumulated from our own experience and many
of our Happy Customers around the US.

Quality Leather will last along time if cleaned and stored properly,
and the their are different parameters based on your ambient climate.

Thanks for stopping by and subscribe to our Feed to stay Up-to Date.
John Brand


Chuck Bartok said...

Hello to John and the "Family" at Buckaroo Leather. So glad to see your new Blog and we and our Horse loving friends are looking forward to More HOW-TO care for our Tack.

Not only do we feel the need to Care for Equine friends, we have always been involved in self-improvement.

I would like to point you readers to our LIVE Talk Show discussing Think & Grow Rich and the Master Key, by Charles Haanel, the Father of the Law of Atraction.

Stop by and download past episodes.
The Focus Society of Overachievers

Anonymous said...

This is AAA, Andreas the Austrian in Australia. Although my riding days are over (after a motor bike accident), my son is a "Jackaroo" (Aussie Cowboy) riding Brumbies in the Outback. Are you intending to market your fine products for overseas export?
I have a site that deals with marketing advice and offers a 12 step self help program for internet marketers at
Cheers, and all the Best

Unknown said...

Hello, I am stopping by after you left a comment on Mustang 'n' Cowboys. I would love to exchange links with ya'll and look forward to sharing you blog with our readers.