Friday, October 24, 2014

For Bitless Horse Riders...The Alex Mufson 3R Sidepull by Buckaroo Leather

 “A thoughtful approach to horsemanship, working with the horse’s mind to build a willing partnership”…..
Alex Mufson of Three Rivers Horse Training

This is the philosophy behind Alex Mufson Three River Horse Training. Alex's horses work in a variety of disciplines but all share a common foundation of softness, both physically and mentally.  

Alex believes to achieve this willingness involves building the horse’s confidence in both themselves and the person. In cultivating this partnership Alex emphasizes directing a horse’s thought rather than only their body. The horse is asked to take an interest in the situation and in her, working towards a relationship based on engagement instead of obedience.

“I am in love with horses and fascinated by animal behavior.  I’m so thankful to have a job where I can be inspired by horses and their people each day, and spend my time learning about an animal I love so much”…Alex 

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The Three Rivers Horse Training is primarily operating out of the Grey Cliffs Ranch, a 6,000 acre ranch in Three Forks, outside of Bozeman, MT. The facility includes large paddocks, an indoor and outdoor arenas and round pens, trailer storage, and miles of private riding.

Alex and her horse with the 3R Sidepull Headstall


Buckaroo Leather Products is proud to be working with this very talented horse trainer to create the Three Rivers Horse Training, Alex Mufson Sidepull. 

We are excited to team up with Alex to create a 3R line of quality leather horse tack. The first offering in this line is the 3R Sidepull.


The 3R sidepull is made from the finest heavy weight Hermann Oak Harness leather or Black Latigo leather. It has that smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. This sidepull Headstall is double and sewn with a soft chap lining, and oiled for that soft supple feel. This Headstall is a Side Pull style with a width of 5/8" available in a Regular Horse size. This Headstall has a 1" wide leather noseband and is available with Nickel plate hardware. It has a Jowel strap for stability but does not have a throat latch or brow band.

Alex has requested a few modifications to the typical sidepull to make the 3R Sidepull more versatile in sizing and to prevent it from slipping into the horse’s eye.  It is also great in the cold winter, as it does not involve waiting for a frozen bit to thaw!  Thoughtful horsemanship does not require a bit, because the work is with the horse’s mind. The 3R Sidepull is an ideal headstall for those who do not want to rely on leverage and control, but want an honest examination of their relationship with their horse!

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Please be sure to visit Alex’s brand NEW website and follow her on Facebook page. 

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Three Rivers Horse Training
Alex Mufson Trainer

Phone: 406 579 4791

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