Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Perfectly Bitless Bridle....What it is and How to Use It.....

Buckaroo Leather is proud to be able to manufacture the Perfectly Bitless Bridle. This piece of horse tack is part of the Michaella Walker signature brand.

Michaella Walker is a dedicated horse trainer. She has over 25 years of experience working with both horse and rider. She has worked among many natural horsemanship trainers as well as the old time gaited horse trainers. The skills she learned with these horsemen and her exceptional attention to detail will transform both you and your horse.

The Perfectly Bitless Bridle

Michaella developed this outstanding piece of horse tack. The Perfectly Bitless Bridle is an equine bitless headstall, complete with a nose band and a chin strap. This chin strap (curb) and the nose band, which varies according to training needs.

Buckaroo Leather handcrafts the Perfectly Bitless Bridle from the best leather found in the U.S.A, Hermann Oak Leather.

Michaella Walker Horsemanship

This bitless bridle can be used for all the same purposes as a bit. It's effective for different disciplines: show, training,  and trail riding. A person can lunge their horse and then ride without loosing any communication. Therefore, the ground work translates right into the saddle.

(information from Michaella's Blog, read more here)

You can also watch a video here of Michaella at the Extreme Mustang Makeover. You will see Michaella display good horsemanship without a BIT! In this video Michaella is using the Perfectly Bitless Bridle....she was a top finalist!!

 The Perfectly Bitless Bridle Up Close

Michaella received this question on her blog.....

"Where to affix the reins on the Perfectly Bitless Bridle".....behind the leather bar or closer to the horse's mouth.

ANSWER.....the answer depends on your progression with your horse and the bitless bridle. Read Micahaella's specific answer to this question here.......

To learn more about Michaella and her clinic schedule click here and be sure to follow her on facebook too!!

The Perfectly Bitless Bridle on Gideon

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