Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Learn How to Fit a Bitless Sidepull Bridle

 Justin Dunn's beautiful mustang Cinnamon Girl wearing the Justin Dunn Mustang Bitless Sidepull

Cinnamon Girl and her Justin Dunn Mustang Bitless Sidepull Headstall and here favorite girl Emma
photo by Ory Photography

Learn how to fit a Bitless Sidepull Bridle 
by reading the article on

Here is a small preview......

"To begin we want to have a willing horse. By walking up and offering the Sidepull and allowing your horse to willingly put their head into the bridle should help get the process started. It also creates an understanding and ease between horse and rider. Wait for the queues from horse to let you know they are ready to begin.".....article from

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