Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tomasini Training Center Teaching the Language of Lightness

Training horses and their riders to move with softness and self carriage is the goal of the Tomasini Training Center. Horse Trainer and clinician, Susan Tomasini focuses on the Cowboy Dressage mission of training and riding with a "soft feel". Susan defines soft feel as "the language of lightness in the conversation between horse and rider".  All of Susan's lessons, clinics and training reflect this "language of lightness".

Susan herself is a founding partner of Cowboy Dressage World. Susan has been apart of the equestrian world since she was 18. She trained and showed jumpers for clients at Mike Manesco's stables in Los Angeles. By word of mouth, Susan began teaching good horsemanship skills and starting colts for local clients. This started her on her journey with Cowboy Dressage and Eitan Beth-Halachmy. 

Susan also conducts Cowboy Dressage clinics at her training center. Cowboy Dressage is an exciting fast growing equine discipline. Cowboy Dressage is the blending of both Traditional Western and Classical Horsemanship. By taking the best of both disciplines you create a discipline that teaches light hands and soft feel communication for both horse and rider. 

Cowboy Dressage clinic language of Lightness Series.....

                                      May 2nd and 3rd 2014

To see Susan's 2014 clinic schedule click here......

Read Susan's informative blog too.....

                     Visit her facebook page and youtube page

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