Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Leather Saddle Accessories....Water/Wine Bottle Holder

Buckaroo Leather Products has been hard at work in their tack shop creating these HOT new American made Leather horse tack Saddle accessories...

Ever been riding the dusty trail and wished you had a place for a water bottle???...Well Buckaroo Leather has a solution. They have created a genuine American made leather water bottle holder for your saddle. Just like their leather horse tack, this leather water bottle holder is made from quality leather tanned here in the USA!

The water bottle holder can tie on, snap on or there is a slot for over your saddle horn. It will fit on any saddle and the holder can be used for any type of beverage!

and this just in.....they have created a WINE Bottle holder for your saddle. So the next evening horse ride to watch the sunset can now have a lovely red wine!!

Purchase your leather water bottle holder of 
wine bottle holder here......

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