Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Old West Singing Cowboys...Roy rogers, Gene Autry, Sons of the Pioneers

My Favorite Old West Singing Cowboys

 They Don't Make Them Like they Use Too!!!

I was searching through youtube and came across some old videos of some singing cowboys. Pioneers like Gene Autry, Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers, Porter Wagoner, Johnny Cash and I got to thinking that they really don't make them like they use too!!! 

While I think there are some great country singers out there today, these singing cowboys of old are still the best.

So I decided to put together a post to share a few of my favorites. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Sons of the Pioneers

The Sons of the Pioneers is a classic group of signing cowboys that were icons of the American West and western music. The group was founded in 1934 by Roy Rogers. The Original group consisted of Tim Spencer, Bob Nolan, and Roy Rogers. The Sons of the Pioneers has lasted the test of time. They still perform today in Branson, Missouri.

To learn more about the Sons of the Pioneers here is a great website to visit......

 The Sons of the Pioneers Singing a classic...
"Ghost Riders in the Sky"

in the photo from left to right Tim Spencer, Bob Nolan, Hugh Farr, Roy Rogers (Gus Mack, announcer).

Story Behind the Song Ghost Riders in the Sky

The inspiration for this song comes from an Indian legend. Ghost Riders in the Sky was written by Stan Jones. When he was a young boy, 12 years old he needed to finish up his chores. So he saddles up his horse and goes out side to finish them. While riding up a hill he comes across an old cowpuncher gazing into the sky. The cowpuncher tells young Stan to look in the sky and see the red eyed cow of the devils herd. Stan looks up and sees a strange cloud formation and the red eyes.

When Stan was older he was working for the forest service and happen to look up to the sky and saw that same strange cloud formation. It brought him back to that day on the hill with the old cowpuncher. So he went inside and wrote this classic song, Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Gene Autry

 Gene Autry, the Singing Cowboy in 1960 performing "Back in the Saddle Again"

 Roy Rogers

 An American Cowboy Icon

Who did not love to watch Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sing their way through a western.

This is a great video of Roy Rogers singing about the Vaqueros' of the Old West in the 1939 movie, "In Old Caliente".

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

 Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage

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