Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Liberty Training and Bitless Sidepulls a Perfect Fit!

"I live in thankfulness that people want to give this gift to their horses. And forever grateful for the Waterhole Rituals, for giving me words to express this beautiful way of being with horses. Very little training is required after you get this right with your horses. They simply offer it."--Ruella Yates

The Buckaroo Leather Ultimate Padded Bitless Sidepull Headstall is becoming more and more popular among western horse riders, along with liberty training.

Ruella Yates is a certified trainer of the liberty training method. She uses the American Made quality leather Ultimate Padded Bitless Sidepull Headstall exclusively at her training facility, Spirit Horse Ranch, Liberty Foundations.


Ruella and Renaissance Painter wearing the Buckaroo Leather Sidepull

"I love opening a box of beautiful sidepulls and halters! They are soft, soft, soft and of the highest quality. I use the Ultimate Padded Sidepulls (bitless) in both black and brown harness leather exclusively at Spirit Horse Ranch, and many of my students use them successfully."...Ruella Yates

 Ultimate Padded Sidepulls (bitless)

Spirit Horse Ranch Liberty Foundations, located near Oklahoma City, OK, is devoted to the well-being of horses and humans that comes with liberty training, inspired by Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals. Ruella Yates is the ranch owner/teacher and is a Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainer and a graduate of Beyond the Waterhole Rituals in Escondido, CA, under the personal tutelage of Carolyn Resnick. Ruella is also a master teacher, certified in the state of Oklahoma. 

Spirit Horse Ranch mission is the promotion of well-being of both horses and humans through liberty training of horses. They are committed to non-violence in equine activities and horses who work with us for the joy of it.

Ruella is available for private consultations and Waterhole Rituals instruction/coaching at Spirit Horse Ranch, starting with 1-hour lessons and ranging to 1- 3 day Intensive private clinics.  

Please contact Ruella by email ruella@libertyfoundations.com

2-Day Liberty Training Clinic
On march 9-10 2013 Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainer Ruella Yates will partner with Stina Herberg, a Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainer on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean in presenting a 2-Day Liberty Training Clinic at Spirit Horse Ranch in Oklahoma City, Ok. 

Click here to learn more about this clinic or to enroll in the clinic

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