Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Spirit of the American Cowgirl Is Alive.......

In a past blog post, I wrote about a popular poem called "When I am an Old Horsewoman" by Patty Barnhart.

Patty is a true American Cowgirl, riding and working the land on her Guest Ranch, Willow Springs . The ranch is run "off the grid". They have propane, solar energy and a wind generator. They even have campfires with good old dutch oven fare.!!

With this poem, I posted a photo of a "Cowgirl" that suited the poem. The photo was chosen from the is a great photo that captured the spirit of the poem (see the pic above).

Well I know why..the photo is of Connie Reeves another true American Cowgirl. I just recently learned that there is a movie being produced about her.....

"American Cowgirl" is a project started by Jamie Williams, a photographer and a true cowgirl at heart. She was raised in Lubbock, Texas on a ranch and farm.

Jamie began this "American Cowgirl" project because......

"When one considers the image that America has of itself and that the world has of us, the great icon is the cowboy. When one looks at the real history of our country the contributions of women are always short changed. 

All of the women in the Old West weren’t school marms or dancehall girls. And all of the women on the ranches didn’t wear bonnets and ride on the buckboards. They were, and still are, women in the saddle."...Jamie Willliams

As part of the project, Jamie Williams started a movie, featuring 4 cowgirls, including Connie Reeves.

Connie Reeves was a cowgirl all her life. She was on a horse at 101 years of age, her favorite horse, a 28 year old paint named "Dr Pepper"

Her favorite saying was..

"Always saddle your own horse"..Connie Reeves

Connie Reeves was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame one of her numerous achievements. She was a true American Cowgirl........

To learn more about Connie Reeves and the American Cowgirl project by Jamie Williams and how you can be apart of this project go to the website, and visit the blog and watch the American Cowgirl Trailer here.

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