Monday, January 9, 2012

Buckaroo Leather Has Gone to the Dogs...Western Leather Dog Collars Available

Buckaroo Leather knows all you cowboys and cowgirls lo
ve our handcrafted, quality, western leather horse tack. But did you know, that now you can have that same hand craftsmanship with a one of a kind western leather dog collar.

Dog Collar History

Dog collars have been around since Ancient Egypt. Dogs
in Ancient Egypt were considered hunters or protectors not pets. The Egyptians used dog collars in all their dog training. The dog collars became quite artistic.

In ancient Greece dog collars were used more to protect the dogs. Farm dogs wore spike studded collars and sheepdogs wore a leather collar studded with nails. These studs protected both dogs from being bitten in the neck by a wolf.

An interesting fact is that sheepdogs needed to be white, so they could be seen at night. While the farm dogs had to be black, so they could be concealed to surprise intruders.

In the Middle Ages, dogs were
used as hunters and shepherds. The dog collars used were made from simple leather for boar and hare hunting.

In Europe, during the Renaissance, owners used plain dog collars, but added rings for leashes and name tags.

Buckaroo Leather Western Dog Collars and Leash

Today, you can get your choice of a plain dog collar with a leash, a collar adorned with beautiful conchas and we can Custom handcraft your dog collar to match your leather horse tack. (no studs though!!!!)

You have a choice of beautiful scalloped Herman
n Oak Leather in Black Latigo, Burgundy Latigo, or medium oil Golden Brown leather.

Create a custom leather dog collar for your "best friend"...with your own dogs style and personality!!

Just give BuckarooJohn a call at 530-545-0139 or email to help you create your western dog collar.

Western Dog Collar & Leash Set

You will LOVE the quality of our newly designed Western Dog Collars & Leashes. Beautiful 3/4" Hermann Oak leather available in Black Latigo, Burgundy Latigo, or Medium oil Golden Brown. Made with heavy weight supple Leather. Collar & Leash matching Set are 3/4" wide. Collar Length is measured from the buckle to the middle hole in set of holes. Our hand engraved Silver Conchas available in 2 styles.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving
the Western Horseman the safest most durable
Quality American made leather horse tack.......Buckaroo John Brand
Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand
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