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A Cowgirls Sport, the Barrel Race a Rodeo Event.

A Cowgirls Sport, the Barrel Race a Rodeo Event.

A popular cowgirl sport is the barrel race. This rodeo event is where the horse and rider attempt to complete a clover leaf pattern around set barrels in the fastest time. the barrel race combines the horse's athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of a rider in order to safely and successfully maneuver a horse through the pattern.

Though both cowboys and cowgirls compete at t
he youth level, and men compete in some amateur venues, in collegiate and professional ranks, it is primarily a rodeo event for cowgirls.

In the 1900's when the women began to compete in the rodeo's they excelled at horse racing, trick riding and relay. Their weight was an advantage and, due to their gentler nature, the females seemed to have a closer kinship
with the horses.

Gail Hughbanks Woerner wrote an in depth history of barrel r
acing. Her history begins with Faye Blackstone, a trick rider in the 1930's. Read the story below.......

"Faye Blackstone began her trick riding caree
r in the 1930s, but when specialty acts began being replaced Faye turned her great horsemanship talents to barrel racing. She and a few other cowgirls began the barrel racing event in Florida in 1950.

Dixie Reger Mosley began her rodeo career at age 51/2 years old, trick riding on a Shetland pony. Growing up in a rodeo family gave her many varied opportunities, including some rodeo clowning. When the Girl's Rodeo Association (GRA) began in 1948, which turned in to the Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) in 1981, Dixie was the bullfighter, rodeo clown, and competed in most events, except bull riding. She saw barrel racing evolve through the GRA organization to become an event for women that today offers purses that compete with the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association (PRCA) event purses".

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Barrel racing is a sport that demands skills and a strong bond between horse and rider to successfully compete as a team. Strong horsemanship and communication comes with team work and horse and rider tr
usting each other. To further the communication between horse and rider you need the right barrel race horse tack.

Buckaroo Leather manufactures quality leather
horse tack for all skill levels, pleasure riding, training, and rodeo competitions.

For Barrel Racing this headstall and barrel reins are just what a cowgirl needs for effective communication......

Gag/Snaffle Old Visalia Headstall

Old west Visalia look Leather Headstall is made with Genuine Hermann Oak Golden Bridle, oiled to a medium Honey color as pictured or Black, then rubbed from the finest heavy weight stitched leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. Made special with short cheeks to fit GAG bits properly! It is hand carved in the old Visalia designs, Wild Weeds or Old Basket stamp. This Headstall is a Double ear style. Pictured in 1" width for the wide old tyme Visalia look but can be ordered in 3/4". Has easy change 5/8" Buckles at the bit ends and has all engraved Stainless Steel buckles. Available in Regular horse, Large horse/mule and Draft.

Laced Barrel Gaming Rein LR2863

Harness Leather western Reins made in AMERICA! Made from premium Hermann Oak Harness leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. The Reins are 3/4" -8" adjustable. There are Nickel Plate scissor snaps and Rawhide loops on these Quality Leather Barrel/Trail Reins. They have soft Chap lacing across the hand hold for a graduated grip and feel. Great for performance events and trail riders.

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