Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Roy Rogers & Trigger Singing about the Cowboy Way...

This is a great Roy Rogers and Trigger video clip. Roy Rogers sings "don't fence me in!" Trigger also does a few tricks......You can also see the famous silver horse tack that Trigger is wearing, the over the shoulder breast collar.

Buckaroo Leather honors the true cowboys of the past, like Roy Rogers, with a traditional old west cowboy Headstall with silver dots, silver buckles, and tear drop cheeks.

Old traditional Cowboy and Buckaroo styling 3/4" browband headstall with antiqued silver conchas and buckle sets and old west silver dots. Beautiful old west tear drop cheeks and flared browband. Made with supple feeling wax stuffed Harness leather. Regular horse size.

Complete your traditional cowboy look with this new saddle pad. This old school pad with the traditional corona rool edge.

Western Legend Pad is a 32" x 32" canvas top pad with old school Corona rolled edges with fleece bottom and basket stamped wear leathers. And contoured to fit the back. Features Pad Lock System: 1. 3/4" non-collapsible front piping abuts the saddle skirt, preventing the pad from sliding back or shifting 2. Pad and Saddle become one unit, reducing friction and heat build up. 3. Perspiration develops naturally and evenly. 4. Neutralizes pressure points and performs the functions that riders demand

Buckaroo Leather is dedicated to the manufacturing of traditional quality tack.......

Ride American...............

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the
Western Horseman the safest most durable
Quality American made leather horse tack.......Buckaroo John Brand
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Chuck Bartok said...

Thanks john for bringing back such Fond Memories. Our country needs more of STEEL represented by the likes of Roy....Heroes are so few and far between

james said...

country music has came a long ways