Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old Vaquero Mecate Reins-how were they made?

"The Mares would take a dislike to the stallions if we cut their tails"
a quote from and old Vaquero.

This quote is referring to how the old Vaqueros and cowboys made their mecate ropes/reins.

Different colors of hair were hand braided into a strong and beautiful mecate rope/reins. The hairs used, were cut from the Mare's tails and manes.

The stallions were used for breeding and working on the range and their manes and tails were never cut......

Mane hair mecate reins are still used today. They have the best feel and communication with the horse.

The mohair mecate reins used today, still have great feel and communication between rider and horse but are a little easier on the hands-especially if you have a softer grip.

The newest style of mecate reins are the 100% Alpaca reins. Their feel and communication with rider and horse are also good.

Buckaroo Leather carries all 3 styles of Mecates Reins......

Mohair Mecate-
They have pretty much the same body and feel as the good mane hair mecates. These are the best we have found braided in the old California Vaquero style! The mecate reins are available in brown, grey, palomino, and black.

100% Alpaca Mecate

Hand Woven 100% Alpaca Mecate Reins. The Alpaca fibers used in these Mecates in grown on a family ranch in South East Colorado. The Alpacas are shorn each year and the fibers are processed in the U.S. Each piece is hand made by these artists to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of each Mecate. Available in 3 sizes.

Hackamore Set w/Fiador & Mecate

Complete Hackamore Set includes an all natural color beautifully hand braided 16 plait 5/8" All rawhide core (no cable core) rawhide bosal w/ Hermann Oak 5/8" harness browband with traditional fiador (throat latch)and Mohair or Mane Horse Hair Mecate 5/8" - 22' long, 6 Strand Braid. This Hackamore features our best quality all rawhide core bosal; a beautiful piece of "Old Style" rawhide braiding. For large Horse/Mule include a nose circumference measurement in the comment box at checkout. This set has mohair, mane, or alpaca mecate reins.

Buckaroo Leather also offers Nylon Yacht Braid Roping/Trail Reins and Cotton Roping/Trail Reins........

Cotton Roping and Trail horse rein with Hermann Oak Harness or Black latigo leather buckle on slobber straps. Your choice of black, brown, white, black/pink, black/lime, and more. Great for trail riding, barrel racing, gaming events and pleasure riding.

Nylon Marine Yacht braid trail/roping rein with reins snaps on both ends. This is the yacht braid feel all the Natural Horseman talk about.

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