Tuesday, March 22, 2011

John Wayne Talks About the Cowboy Code of the West.......

A video clip from the Movie the Alamo with John Wayne.........he talks of patriotism, honor, courage..........all parts of the Cowboy Code of the West!

The Cowboy Code of the West.............

There were not any rules written, fliers were not passed around with the code,but the Cowboy Code was, and is a set of laws that all cowboys live their lives by. To break or disregard any of the code, meant alienation by all other Cowboys.

I believe in today's world we need to be reminded of these simple laws and how the Cowboy's of the old west applied it to their everyday life! The Cowboys of the Old West Lived by these simple rules. Think about how our world would be if all live by these simple Cowboy ethics.

I have many fond memories of my grandfather Del, and father telling me family history and stories while taking me fishing and hunting. And not realizing until later in life when it was time to teach my children the values of the code of the west and the cowboy way, how much I had learned from my fore fathers. Important things like how to treat animals, respect guns and their use, and other people. Guns have become a big social issue because it is easy to blame the gun and not the core reason of the person using it and their upbringing.

A challenge for all Buckaroos and Cowboys today- take just one rule and live by it. Let us know your experiences or family stories, or comment on how you already live by the Cowboy Code of the West!!!!

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