Monday, January 4, 2010

Video- How to Properly Fit the German Martingale

The German Martingale is a fantastic Training device if used properly. The German Martingale is used as a training aide to gently apply direct pressure on the reins to give the horse more direct contact. This then translate into a clear message from you to the horse what you want them to do.

It is not to be used on the trail or for pleasure riding. It is not meant to be an artificial means to control your horse. If used properly, your horse will be well trained and ready to ride the trails!

The video above will demonstrate the proper fit of the German Martingale as well as the extraordinary quality of the product. With proper fit and adjustment this German Martingale will bring about the desired results from your horse, with gentle easy movements.

We at Buckaroo Leather encourage the proper use of such training aids, but remember they are designed as aids, and not as Daily Use tack.

The German Martingale is available with either Split Rein or Roping/Barrel style Rein. Please visit the Buckaroo Leather Retail Site for quality leather German Martingales.

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