Monday, January 4, 2010

Large Horse, Draft Horse and Mule Leather Horse Tack

Large horses, mules and draft horses are becoming more popular by the day.

Making a large demand now for quality tack and equipment that fits properly.

The Large Horses all have heads longer and broader across the brow with larger throats. So we now have large horse headstalls..

Mules have a narrower chest and need the type of breast collar that fits up above their shoulders and usually need an over the neck strap to hold the breast collar up in the best pulling position. We proudly now make western tack for mules.

And of coarse, Draft horses are larger all over. We now have

draft horse tack designed to fit.

So with more and more requests Buckaroo Leather has added a line of Tack to fit in the same Top Quality American made Tradition it is respected for.

Below is a sample of the quality horse tack for Large Horses, Draft and Mules. To see more please visit or website and the category Large Horse, Mule and Draft.

For a custom fit, include with your order the complete crown/poll measurement- from the corner of the mouth along the head up over the poll down to the other corner of the mouth.

Ultimate Sidepull Headstall Leather Nose LH225L

The Buckaroo Ultimate sidepull Headstall is just that- THE BEST. Made from the finest heavy weight Hermann Oak Harness leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. This Buckaroo Headstall is double and sewn with a soft chap lining, and oiled for that soft supple feel. This Headstall is a Side Pull style with a width of 5/8", available in Sm. Horse/Cob/Pony & Regular Horse size. Now also available in Large Horse/Mule and Draft Horse size.

Or purchase the same Ultimate Sidepull but with a beautiful Heart Concha (Shown Here)
Ultimate Sidepull LH225L-SPHRT3

SidePull Bitless Bridle Set

Hermann Oak quality 5/8" Harness leather regular horse size, flat leather nose, double & stitched with soft chap lining; hand edged, rubbed and oiled for a soft supple feel. It features adjustable throat latch, chin strap. Brown Cotton one piece style reins are attached with harness leather slobber straps. Available in Large Horse/Mule & Draft sizes. A great addition to your horse tack equipment.

Pulling Breast Collars w/SPBA-Antique Berry Conchas BC66C

Buckaroo Leather products are THE BRAND TO DEMAND! We have added 4 beautifully hand engraved Antique Berry Conchas to this Quality Hermann Oak Leather Buckaroo style Breast Collar BC66C. This Cowboy Pulling style Breast Collar is American made of Golden Bridle leather, is 2 1/2" wide, oiled & stitched with a soft chap lining and finished with Nickel Plate roller buckle hardware. The Breast Collar has an over the shoulder fit and is designed to wrap through the saddle swells, perfect for a pulling position. This version is available in Large Horse/Mule and Draft Horse size.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving
the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality
American made leather horse tack.......

Buckaroo John Brand

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