Monday, November 2, 2009

Buckaroo Leather's Favorite Horse Websites

Since starting my own blog, website, and now a new monthly newsletter, I have encountered and met some passionate and interesting people in the horse world. Listed below are their websites and brief description of each. I encourage you to visit and pass along these websites.

If you have any websites you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment. Also if you are interested in subscribing to my new monthly newsletter, with updates on new horse tack and great discounts, please click on this link, Newsletter, to sign up for The Buckaroo Newsletter, The Newsletter to Demand!

When was the last time you found wonder and delight viewing a web site featuring some of the most amazing horse hair products you will find anywhere? Just take a moment and imagine the richness and the luxurious feeling of a quality, authentic, real horse hair product in your hands.

Each piece a timeless classic done in the traditional Cowboy fashion dating back hundreds of years, made from one of the only raw materials the Western Cowboy had available: Horse hair. Each piece of Hair delicately trimmed from his own horse and each item made in the quite of the evening, by his own hands, one-at-a-time into a priceless treasure. 

Each horse hair item so intricately made by his hands, was admired and prized for generations: a working piece of authentic Western Art. Is this not True Western art at it's finest?  From the moment you place you hands around one of our high quality, hand-made horse hair items, you will love and treasure each piece for years to come. 

This online and print magazine has all the latest news in the equine world. Information on all the latest horse show competitions and the latest equine products. Show pictures from the various horse show competitions and a "horse trader" section.

A site for news, reviews and discussion about everything Barrel Raci
ng. A blog by fellow barrel racer Chelsea Toy. She has traveled the world, literally, but has come
 back to her roots as a barrel racer. 

Cowgirl Living is an online magazine for western women. CL is designed specifically for the modern horsewoman and focuses on the unique day-to-day challenges that come with juggling work, home, and horses. Feature articles on Cowgirl celebrities, Western fashion, and helpful tips for barn and home make Cowgirl Living a new kind of magazine for today's Western Woman. Also check out Cowgirl Living

The nations Premier Barrel Racing website. Show results, upcoming shows, horses for sale, and member forums and blogs.

Bit and Bridle Magazine

Bit & Bridle is dedicated to bringing readers great content such as interviews with equine professionals, training advice, the latest news, Q&A columns, subscriber submissions and more! For your convenience, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.
No, we are a printed magazine that gets delivered right to your door! While online magazines are becoming more and more popular, most people still like to have pages to flip through at their own leisure. We do, however, offer limited online content and are looking at the possibility of having on online edition in the future.

True Cowboy Magazine

Our Mission is to contribute to increased awareness of the plight of the mustangs, horses and burros and SAVING THE WILD MUSTANG from round ups, penning and slaughter! with subscriptions, content and advertising support.

trueCOWBOY magazine was established with the intention to act as a one-stop platform for the various mustang and wild horse rescue organizations. Working with the groups to help increase their sphere of influence to a readership that includes not only the horseowner and enthusiast but layman as well, who are not even aware that wild mustangs exist freely on the plains and most definitely not aware of the mustangs plight to remain free.

Equestrian Life

This magazine has it all for the competitive horse and rider! Submit your competition photos, stories etc. Learn more about other riding competitions and there results.

Cowgirl Magazine

COWGIRL Magazine is published six times a year by Modern West Media, Inc. Featuring the best of the modern west including stylish accessories for horse and home, hot fashion, luxurious dream getaways, cool western design trends and expert equestrian advice designed to inspire, educate and entertain the modern cowgirl. Join us today as a subscriber, advertising partner, retail distributor & friend!

Petticoats and Pistols

a fun website with cowboy stories, cowboy and cowgirl chat and insight into cowboy life.

Buckaroo Bay for Cowgirls

A cowgirl with attitude offers a funky fashion and dare to be different line of hand crafted cowgirl and girly-girl jewelry. We love to cater and pamper all the soulful cowgirls, that be city or country gals, with our collection of Buckaroo Bay Jewelry. From ranch to runway Cowgirl; From classic fashion to grunge to the sort of twisted fun and plus size cowgirl couture, we can make it for you knowing that your piece is a genuine Buckaroo Bay original. Whether your fashion tastes favor country or rock, every fashionista will benefit from our own western inspired pieces. We do understand the meaning of "poor economy" and do our best to keep our western inspired jewelry affordable.

Cowboy Syndicate

Cowboy Syndicate will be the premier social network for everyone who loves the western way of life: cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo professionals, rodeo fans and western businesses from fashion to d├ęcor and everything in between!

Cowboy Syndicate Network will offer all the features that people have come to expect on their social sites including customizable profile pages, widgets and apps, photos and videos, as well as community areas, Discussion forums, and groups.

Horses Magazine
Horses Magazine is the largest regional horse / equine magazine in the country. We are available free at tack stores and equine related businesses all over the regions we serve. Horses Magazine features some of the country's most well known clinicians such as Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, Lynn Palm, Tommy Garland, Ryan Gingerich, Gary Lane, Julie Goodnight and more!

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