Friday, January 16, 2009

The New Over The Neck Breast Collar Strap

A Breast Collar attaches to the front of the saddle, cross the horse's chest, and usually has a strap that runs between the horse's front legs and attaches to the girth. They keep the saddle from sliding back or sideways.

A Breast Collar is usually seen in demanding, fast-paced sports such as jumping, polo, and fox hunting. They are also seen in Western riding events, particularly in rodeo, reining and cutting, where it is particularly important to prevent a saddle from shifting. They may also be worn in other horse show classes for decorative purposes.

Horseman and woman are becoming more aware that the best fit of the Breast Collar is up over the shoulder so not to rub across the shoulder. It allows for a better pulling position for all types of riding and is more comfortable for your horse. This position will also keep your saddle more secure.

To assure this proper fit of the Breast Collar, there is a popular piece of horse tack, called the Over The Neck Breast Collar Strap.The new Over the Neck Breast Collar strap connects up over the neck of your horse to hold the breast collar up over the point of the shoulder in the valley were the shoulder and neck meet for a better fitting position.

Please see the Our Video Demonstrating the Use

This very popular, Over the Neck Breast Collar strap, is now available in a western design and universally adjustable to fit any style Breast collar. Buckaroo Leather offers plain straight style Over the Neck Breast Collar Straps to shaped designs . We also offer styles that you can add your horses name or favorite conchas to. All styles have Nickel or Brass hardware available.

Buckaroo Leather offers many styles of breast collars with over the neck straps already designed into them. So whether you have a favorite Breast Collar and want to add the Over the Neck straps with a concha or are looking for a new Breast Collar with straps already deigned in, Buckaroo Leather has the quality and design you are looking for.

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