Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Family Oriented Horseback Riding Sport

Buckaroo Leather is proud to announce that it is a new Sponsor of a fast growing Sport, American Trail Trials. A New extremely family oriented horseback sport....

Below is information on this fun, family oriented and competitive sport.

Come and join the fun rides with the ATTA sanctioned Trail Trials!

American Trail Trial-Horsemen's Association (ATTA) is an association that promotes the sports of horseback trail riding and trail trial riding and provides recognition and awards programs for riders. Trial trial rides traditionally include trail obstacles for novice, intermediate, and advanced horseback riders and horses and also include noncompetitive riders. Non-members are welcome on all ATTA trail trial rides. Trail trials are a great place for you and your horse to ride new country, meet great people, and have fun with family and friends while trying fun and challenging obstacles on the trail.

Come ride with us.


A "Trail Trial ride" is an organized trail ride that includes obstacles and situations horse and rider might encounter on a trail ride. The ride is planned using the natural obstacles that already exist on a particular trail such as walking over logs, opening a gate, or maneuvering through a creek. While out on the trail, riders may also encounter obstacles such as birthday parties, family picnics, mountain bikes, llamas, hikers, etc. These may be considered obstacles also. Riders are judged individually and strictly on how well they negotiate their horse through and over obstacles with an emphasis on safety and calmness.

Trail Trials are not timed events. Riders may be given a time limit to ride through a particular obstacle so that riders behind don't get held back. Riders may ride as individuals or groups,and family participation is encouraged. Helmet use is recommended. Riders are required to have a halter and lead rope, or halter bridle and hoof pick with them. Safety for horse and rider is always emphasized.

Trail Trials consist of a trail ride, averaging 2-3 hours with 8-12 obstacles that would naturally occur in the setting where the ride is held. More examples are opening gates, a water crossing, drag, walk over logs, back up, small jump, slicker on and off, dismount, etc. As riders move along the designated trail ,they will encounter such marked obstacles and a judge for each obstacle. Each horse/rider team is scored at each obstacle. Trail trials are not timed competitions and riders can ride at their own pace. But riders are usually given a time limit to ride through a particular obstacle so that other riders won't have to wait. Judges usually give riders 3 attempts to do an obstacle. Riders may ride as an individual or in groups with family or friends. Trial trials are a great place to meet new friends.

Any type of clothing that is appropriate for riding is acceptable. Long pants and shoes with heels are mandatory.

Helmets are recommended for riders 18 and younger and suggested for all competitors. Some rides require helmets be worn by riders 18 and younger.

A halter, lead rope, & a hoof pick are mandatory. Any equine (horse, pony, or mule) over 3 years of age is eligible to compete. Any type of saddle and bridle or hackamore is acceptable.

Safety and fun are always emphasized.
Please click on the link below to visit the ATTA website.
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