Thursday, May 28, 2015

Old West Cowgirl Outfits

 Whether you are a cowgirl of today or a cowgirl from the Old West "bling" has always been apart of the cowgirl style!.

A traditional cowgirl outfit in the old west consisted of:

A typical pair of Victorian gauntlets, a short skirt, tall lace up boots, and a red scarf. The sash was probably a style adopted from Charlie Russell who, inspired by the vaquero costume always wore a red sash.

  (top picture is from the book "Cowgirls Women of the wild west” by Elizabeth Clair Flood)

The cowgirl riding gauntlets came in a wide variety of commercial designs were often sold at Western trading posts. Inspired by cavalry gauntlets, cowboys and cowgirls adopted the style of the work glove embellished with various Indian designs. Many were embroidered with horse shoes and whips, others were decorated in buckskin fringe. Cowgirls wore gauntlets for work and in the show arena. 

 (top picture is from the book "Cowgirls Women of the wild west” by Elizabeth Clair Flood)

As you can see in the pictures many of the outfits had fringe, bright sequins, and the gauntlets were intricately beaded designs. One famous Cowgirl, Prairie Rose Henderson wore Ostrich plumes over her bloomers and a blouse covered with bright sequins.

Cowgirl Prairie Rose Henderson

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