Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quality Leather...The Four Key Things to Know

Buckaroo Leather prides itself on the AMERICAN MADE quality leather we use from Hermann Oak Leather to manufacture all of our western leather horse tack. A quality leather horse tack will be more durable and much less likely to crack making it safer!

The following will give some guidelines to follow when choosing Quality Leather Tack.

 close up of the Retro Headstall

The Four Key things to look for in 
Quality Leather are:

1. Feel
.......Is the leather soft and supple? If it feels “dry” probably not quality. Even though “harness” leather may seem roughed out it still has a soft and pliable feel

2. Smell......
Yes, it important to “smell the Leather. Quality leather has fresh warm smell, whereas inferior leather can have a chemical or ammonia like smell. Off odors are the first hint of leathers tanned quickly and inexpensively.

3. Color
......Even so, some Quality leather may be dyed it will still show the pliability and fresh smell noted above. Inferior leather seems to be “dull”. Dark color dyes can hide lower quality and poorly matched leathers.

4. Check the Details
.......Examine the fine, even stitching (less than 12 stitches to the inch) with all ends neatly finished and tucked in is a hallmark of good workmanship and quality tack. So are edges that have been skivved and burnished or rubbed until they are round and hard before being dyed. Look for durable hardware with strong steel tongue buckles and rounded edges that won’t cut into the leather.

Remember to keep your quality leather horse tack in good working order that will last a lifetime be sure to do a Spring Check of your horse more here

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