Friday, August 31, 2012

Mark Bolender... Extreme Trails Trainer


Extreme Trail Competitions for horse and rider are a very popular equine sport. The competitions are a timed event where the horse and rider must complete a course with all manner of obstacles. The horse and rider who successfully negotiate the obstacles in the fastest amount of time wins the competition.

There are many trainers and horse facilities that offer training, but the leading expert in Extreme trail is Mark Bolender.

Mark Bolender is a nationally recognized horseman and instructor. He is an expert in not only extreme trails but also in mountain trail and competitive trails.

Mark believes that, "good horsemanship is not about domination but leadership, and having the horse volunteer for a partnership with the handler". The more you understand the horse the more you love the horse and the more you love the horse the more you understand the horse.

In addition to training horses Mark owns and operates Bolender Horse Park in Washington State. At the Bolender Horse Park there are two large arenas, an outdoor mountain trail course that offers challenges and opportunities for beginners and advanced riders and 6 miles of scenic trails.

Mark has also designed and built extreme trail courses across the nation. All of  these courses offer extreme trail clinics. All of Mark's courses are designed to challenge any skill level within in the extreme trail discipline. Mark has built courses in Missouri, British Columbia, Germany, and New Mexico.  Mark's philosophy for building a trail course is that it is pleasing to the eye, has a good flow pattern, one that challenges both horse and rider and is a workable training tool.

 Extreme Trail course at Extreme Trail Pauwel's

Mark also has events and clinics throughout the year. At his clinics Mark will teach you how to negotiate obstacles and build boldness and confidence in your horse.

Mark is a pioneer and leader in the extreme trail world. If you are interested in more of Mark's training information I encourage you to visit his website, follow him on facebook and pick up his "Bolender's Guide to Mastering Mountain and Extreme Trail Riding" book.

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