Friday, August 24, 2012

Libety Lined Mounted Horsemanship Clinic by Farah DeJohnette

All horsemen and is a great clinic by our good friend and talented natural horse trainer..Farah DeJohnette......

     Farah DeJohnette Liberty-Line-Mounted 
                       3-Day Horsemanship Clinic

             October 5-7, 2012 — Reber Ranch, Kent, WA

Join Farah for a truly unique approach to your horsemanship!

10 Things You’ll Learn at this clinic:

1. how to get a ready and willing horse by preparing him mentally and physically—first at liberty, then on a line, for what you want from the saddle;

2. how to shorten learning time with a liberty-line-mounted progression;

3. how to get the performance you want by prioritizing your connection;

4. how to read, improve and maintain various aspects of your connection—on the ground or in the saddle;

5. what 6 things your horse needs from you, before he can give you his best;

6. the dressage techniques that are yoga for horses in suppling them for all Western and English pursuits;

7. how to combine creativity and patience to overcome challenges;

8. how to make it fun for your horse to learn moves from the ground that have felt like work from the saddle;

9. how to make a huge leap forward in both your connection and your performance;

10. how to overcome any fear or trauma associated with your horse.

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship specializes in improving connection, communication and calm leadership using a unique Liberty-Line-Mounted progression to re-pattern common issues. 

Dressage based, natural horsemanship, balanced seat riding, and yoga principles are effectively combined for show, pleasure, English and Western. 

Emphasizing a strong connection and bond while putting the “Fun” in fundamentals. Creative, enjoyable exercises to find your horse’s natural performance. 

Also specializing in working with fearful riders. 
All disciplines welcome! 
Certified Carolyn Resnick Trainer

Participant With Own Horse: $490 (limited to 8)
Stall: $25/night (includes shavings; bring water bucket)
Hands On Audit (Horse Provided): $225 (limited to 4)
Auditing: $25/day

Monday private sessions by appointment

For sign up, pay, and more info just click here

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