Friday, June 22, 2012

Old Tyme Cowboy Creed from Buckaroo Leather

                 Two old west cowboys reading their mail....maybe the Buckaroo Leather Catalog????

Code of the Cow Country By S. Omar Barker

It don’t take sech a lot o’laws
To keep the rangeland straight,
Nor books to write ‘em in, because
They’s only six or eight.

The first one is the welcome sign
Wrote deep in Western hearts:
“My camp is yours an’ yours is mine”
In all cow country parts.

Treat with respect all womankind,
Same as yuh would your sister.
Take care o’ neighbor’s strays yuh find,
An’ don’t call cowboys “mister”.

Shet your gates when passin’ through;
An’ takin all in all,
Be just as rough as pleases you,
But never mean nor small.
Talk straight, shoot straight, an’ never break
Your word to man nor boss.
Plumb always kill a rattlesnake.
Don’t ride a sorebacked hoss.

It don’t take law nor pedigree
To live the best yuh can!
These few is all it takes to be
A cowboy an’……a man!

The cowboy code of the west was an unwritten code of ethics for all cowboys in the old west. Although unwritten every cowboy new the code and if those chose to break it they also knew the consequences.

At Buckaroo Leather we strive to honor this cowboy code through our quality leather horse tack and customer service.

 Buckaroo John's Grandpa Del on horse back


Buckaroo John's family plowing in Hemet, Ca






The greatest asset a business can have is its reputation in fair dealing. This achievement can come only by exact adherence to definite principles of business conduct, which assure future relationships with its customers. Since the inception of Buckaroo Leather in 1979 we have remained steadfast in our belief.

-       That a business succeeds only as it continues its endeavors to render better service.
-       That our business is to furnish merchandise to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers at a fair value.
-       That no transaction is complete until our customers are satisfied with the quality and the price of the goods and service rendered.
-       That retaining the business of an old customer is of as much importance as obtaining the business of a new customer.
-       That strict adherence to these principles will assure the continued growth of our business through the maintenance of mutual confidence with our many customers.

With these principles we renew our pledge to you our loyal customers and thank you for your support and business!

Buckaroo John Family 1915


Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the 
Western Horseman the safest most durable 
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