Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Satisfied Owner of the AAA Wade Saddle from Buckaroo Leather

In case you all have not heard....Buckaroo Leather has the finest quality American made western saddle around!!!!!!

"I received my saddle a week ago after doing a lot of research, and shopping around, because I felt the saddle I have wasn't fitting my personal horse well as he has matured. After talking with John I was sold on this saddle and couldn't be happier. The saddle is quality from top to bottom, it has been comfortable from day one but getting even more so each day (used everyday since it came). The saddle fits my horse great, he seems more comfortable than he has in some time. I have received many compliments on its quality and craftsmanship. So glad I purchased this saddle, looking forward to using for many years, and will definitely return to Buckaroo Leather for my future quality tack needs. Remember buy AMERICAN you be won't be disappointed with this one. Thank You Buckaroo Leather staff". ...Jay Quinlan, Quinlan Performance Horses.

Thank you Jay!!!!............. Take a look at Jay's Saddle (pic above)

AAA Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle

Buckaroo Leather is proud to introduce our hand bench made Wade Post saddle. We have been working on this for awhile now with a saddle maker with over 25 years experience in saddle design, custom fitting of horse and rider, hand tooling, carving, and construction! SAVE $300.00 ON OUR INTRODUCTORY PRICE and FREE shipping.

The materials which go into the making of Buckaroo Leather Tack and Saddles and the craftsmanship employed in its making are elements of the highest importance. You could have no higher guarantee of quality and workmanship than the name Buckaroo Leather upon your Tack and saddles. It represents an organization proud of its establishment in 1979, and ever since catering to horseman and women with two generations of experience and knowledge applied in the making of riding equipment to the most exacting standards. And rest assured you will receive the most value for your money spent.

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the
Western Horseman the safest most durable
Quality American made leather horse tack.......Buckaroo John Brand
Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand
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Unknown said...

Great post. I love everything about horses. These look like some great saddles.