Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For the Love of Horses......

For the Love of Horses................

posted by Shenyse M.

Horse owners all have their different reasons for why they love their horse. Horses make them laugh, lifts their spirits on bad days, teach them important life lessons and give their love unconditionally.

On Buckaroo Leather Facebook Fan page we often receive photos from our fans/horse owners of just these moments.

I have picked out just a few of the photos to share here........the photo below was posted by Amanda C. W. her horse Banner.

Buckaroo Leather appreciates all the horse owners who have posted these photos and we encourage you to post your horse here

Remember too that Buckaroo Leather is having a contest where you could win a $250 gift certificate to Buckaroo Leather. Here is the contest information and prizes.

Exciting contest to let our fans help us grow our page to 10,000 fan milestone.

-We are asking YOU to post a comment on the Buckaroo Leather fan page wall about what YOU feel the strengths of Buckaroo Leather.

-Then ask YOUR HORSE friends to come to the Buckaroo Leather Facebook Fan page, "LIKE IT" and leave a comment on YOUR POST on the fan page wall.

Of course that NEW friend can also leave a post and ask their friends to comment and on and on......

We will choose three of our loyal FANS with the most NEW friends commenting on their post as our Winners.

All amounts are for a Buckaroo Leather Gift Certificate
1st Place $250.00
2nd Place $150.00
3rd Place $75.00

Any questions on the details of the contest or any other horse tack questions please call me at 530-545-0139

Pictures from left to right-

first picture posted by Angela R. her horse Sassafrass

second posted by Caren M. her horse Journey

third posted by Eva B.

fourth this is Ket Chup!!!!!

fifth posted by Rae C.

sixth posted by Shannan M.W. her horse Lots Olena Playboy

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