Friday, July 29, 2011

Silver the Vaquero Tradition of Adorning Your Western Horse Tack

Does your western horse tack and saddle need some "shine" or "spiffing up" about the traditional Vaquero ornament of silver.

The Californio Vaquero's were skilled horseman who took great pride in their horsemanship and their western horse tack. Looking good was as important as riding well.

The Californio Vaquero'
s western Saddles and horse tack were truly works of art. While the decoration styles remained very traditional, the saddle's decoration changed by geographical location and time. The Vaquero adorned their saddles with leather lacing, leather carving or stamping and of course engraved silver work.
This silver work can still be seen on Western Saddles of today. The Western Saddles of today reflect the beauty and tradition of the old Vaquero style. This silver decoration can be subtle or extreme. Whether it is an elaborate show or parade saddles or a custom everyday saddle, they all reflect the riders pride in their horsemanship and distinct style.
Below are just some of the ways to adorn your
saddle with engraved silver:

Silver trim is available in sets or as individual pieces. The most basic set includes two corner plates for the back corners of the skirts, a cantle plate, a horn cap, and 4 large and 2 small conchos. In addition to these pieces, you'll find silver trim designed for accenting stirrups and tapadaros(are covers or hoods for the front
of the stirrups), fenders, swells, rigging plates, latigo holders, buckles, breast plates and breast collars.

Silver conchos and trim are not just found on saddles- remember Roy Rogers' Trigger. Trigger's famous western breast collar was adorned with silver trim.

Conchos, buckles, silver trim, engraved silver are all beautiful pieces to add to your western horse tack........capture the Vaq
uero spirit or your own cowboy/cowgirl personality.....

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