Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Old Cowboy Style Thanksgiving!

The Holidays are almost upon us- Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Thought I would share a brief story of Mrs. Hulda Esther Thorpe-and her reason to be thankful!

And a cowpunchers Thanksgiving Day poem-

A Close Call
In 1938, Mrs. Hulda Esther Thorpe remembers the dangers that settlers faced on the prairie in the 1800s, and the many reasons settlers had for giving thanks:

One of the best Thanksgiving dinners we ever knew of was when a family of settlers had their nice wild turkey dinner taken by the Indians, who came in silently and just shoved the folks back and eat it up. They did not harm the white people though and after they were gone the women made a big corn bread and with what few things the Indians left, they had a feast, the best as the daughter tells, that she ever eat. This was because they were so happy and thankful that the Indians spared them. This is one of many stories Mrs. Thorpe remembers from her pioneer childhood. To read more, in American Life Histories, 1936-1940, search on Hulda Esther Thorpe to find the document entitled, "Mrs. Hulda Esther Thorpe."

The Cowpuncher's Thanksgiving Rhymes of the Range

By L. Maynard Dixon
Sunset Magazine, November, 1903

Now swing your rope—and swing 'er wide! It's brandin' time,—and it's time, you bet

To swing a big loop and to take yer ride,— Thank God, there's cows in the country yet!

Cut out that yearlin' and take a chance;— Show how you can ride. Bets up! I say

He'll burn the earth and he'll burn your pants. (We must have some sport Thanksgiving Day!)He's risin' high and he's landin' hard,— Stay with him, Bill! or it's gals good night!

If you can't stick him, a sure thing, pard, You'll land on the only rock in sight!

Now ride straight up—you must ride him fair. He's risin' high and he's landin' far!

Bet I can ride 'im and not pull hair,— Fer that's the kind of boy I are!

With Thanksgiving around the corner- here are some Old West Cowboy ideas for Christmas!

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