Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nicker Bait Cookies are at Buckaroo Leather

Your Horses Will Thank You!

Buckaroo Leather is proud to be offering Nicker Bait horse cookies!

Buckaroo Leather has been offering these cookies as a gift for your horse with each purchase-and the response has been overwhelming!

These Nicker Bait cookies are a hit- pick up a few for your horse today at Buckaroo Leather!

During my travels on the horse trail, the best horse treat I have found is Nicker Bait. Nicker Bait is a nutritious cookie for your horse. Melinda Abplanalp, the creator of Nicker Bait horse cookies, is a horse owner herself. Her cookies are tested on horse ranging from the pickiest to the horse that will eat anything.

The Nicker Bait horse cookies are made from organic fruits and vegetables and have no preservatives. Depending on which flavor you choose, carrot, banana chip, or sweet potato (pictured to the right), you will find only that fruit or vegetable ingredient plus whole grain oats, flax, barley and molasses. They also have seasonal fruits available including cherry, apple, fig and pear. These cookies are filled with more vegetables than other brands ensuring a nutritious snack for your horse. Plus they have a great flavor and your horse will love them!

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