Friday, July 10, 2009

The Leader Bungee Horse Tie

The Leader Bungee Horse Cross-Tie is a breakthrough in lead rope technology that finally solves the horse pull-back problem.

The Leader was developed by a farrier, through years of field testing.

All Leader products will stretch to cushion a horse's resistance virtually eliminating the explosive behavior displayed at the end of a taut rope.

Without a doubt, there are few incidents as potentially dangerous or explosive as a panic stricken horse struggling at the end of a taut leadrope. It's an all too common occurrence dreaded by every horseman and can easily result in injury to both horse and handler.

The leader has been used with exceptional results on horses of all temperaments.

Pictured above-From left to right- Cross tie, Trailer Tie, Tie Up Lead.

The Leader is the safest stretch lead on the market. Unlike the hardware store variety "bungee cord" the leader is designed specifically for the equestrian industry.

The Leader has a dacron cover over a solid core of special blend neoprene. The core is designed to break first and will then slide harmlessly through the dacron sleeve.

Heavy-duty stainless steel hardware.

Colors available: Black with blue speckles.

The Leader's Cross-Tie features a bull snap at one end and quick-release snap at the other. The length is five feet long.

We can order custom lengths by request.
The Leader is endorsed by veterinarians and trainers.

The Leader has a calming effect on horses that is truly remarkable!

One Year Unconditional Guarantee! Should the Leader Cross-Tie break for any reason you'll receive a new one!

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