Thursday, June 4, 2009

Californio Style Hackamores & Mecates

On my horse travels I have noticed the “old west” style of Hackamores are coming back!

The traditional Hackamore used by the Californio Vaquero long ago had a beautiful braided rawhide Bosal and adorned with rawhide buttons. The Mecate rein was made from the long hair of the horse’s tail and was hand braided-truly a work of art.

The influence of the Vaquero style is seen in our Hackamores today. They have a traditional braided rawhide Bosal and the Mecate reins are made with mane horse hair or mohair and are beautifully hand braided.

Today’s Hackamores not only have the Vaquero style, they have their timeless quality. The Vaquero used the braided rawhide Bosal and horse hair Mecate reins because the durability and quality was long lasting. The horse hair is strong but lightweight, better for training and working the horse then and now.

It is exciting to see the influence of the Californio Vaquero still around today.

To learn more on how to tie Mecate reins, please watch this Video

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