Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Natural Horsemanship movement has created highly functionable Horse Tack......

The Natural Horsemanship Movement has
evolved tack items as Mecates, slobber straps,
Rope Halters and complete Mecate Bridles
into very popular training and pleasure
riding choices. They are all so versatile........

Rope halters of course have no hardware and
are so adjustable. They are designed to place
pressure points were needed and roll up into
an easy pack away size or leave on under your bridle.....

There are now designs with rings tied into the cheeks
to connect your reins to and ride on down the trail......

Side pull headstalls have evolved somewhat from
this also.....

Mecates tied onto your bridles with slobber straps
have become so popular because they are available
in so many different materials to fit your personal
preferences. Also because you can easily adjust the
length of your reins......

Slobber straps are also available in many different
styles. From plain get the job done, to custom
hand tooled, also with silver conchas and buckles....
The popular ones lately buckle on and off the bit
without having to untie your mecate.....

Our family has been dedicated for 28 years in serving the western horseman the safest most durable Quality American made leather horse tack.......
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