Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cowboy Up your Tack & Saddle with Silver...........

As mentioned before and below,
trends in Horse tack seem to follow cycles.

The use of silver adornments on Western
Horse tack is seeing favor by many
western performance Horsemen

There are so many affordable styles
of Conchas and buckle sets on the
market today it very easy to
cowboy up your horse tack.....

They are still handcrafted and
engraved as the old time styles were.....
Very high quality and still very

There are more styles available
because many different finishes have
been developed......
You now have choices like antiqued,
pictured to the right, that give you
the old west weathered look right
off the shelf.......

The upper right picture is the
new concha buckle set. It gives
you an old west look......

These are all easy to put on
your bridle, saddle, and breast collar...

The conchas come with a bridle loop back
for your headstall .....
Screwback or slots for your saddle....

Some headstalls have Chicago screws
at the buckles making it easier to change
them out for silver....
If not you can have a saddle repairmen
or shoe shop modify it for you.....

I see the trend now swinging back
to the old west past when more silver
was popular...

The wider shaped headstall cheeks
with conchas running up and down
them and all over the breast collars ....

You can see how beautiful this
slobber strap looks with a simple
silver buckle!!!!
It also makes it so easy to
change out your mecate
and bit....

Our family has manufactured
quality AMERICAN made horse
Tack for 28 years and built
our reputation on

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redheadedcowgirl said...

Yeah for the old west looks coming back, to "cowgirl up" my horse tack. I love the different silver buckles and conchas. I just purchased the concha buckle set and love it! A Great quality product, thank you,

the redheaded cowgirl