Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Leather Horse Tack Spring Check List


Spring Time Check of your Leather Horse Tack

It is official! Punxsutawney Phil declares early spring is coming!!! So get out that leather tack it is time to do a “spring check”!

Before you start your spring horse rides, a serious inspection of your tack, cleaning, oiling and conditioning of your tack is necessary. This springtime check is essential to keep your tack in good working order for the safety of both rider and horse. Not to mention increasing the longevity of the leather

First Step-

Take everything apart and inspect all your tack, including your saddle for wear. Especially at all areas ( picture 1 below) were your tack folds around the bits, buckles and saddle riggings. This is where there will be the most wear and stress. You need to replace any parts cracked or stretched. Chancing it is not worth the safety risk. Take your time; your piece of mind is worth it.

Second Step -

Clean all your horse tack and saddle with lots of water and glycerin saddle soap. Don't be afraid to get your tack wet. You have to get all the dirt and sweat out.

Third Step -

Hang it all to dry. Before it is completely dry, oil with a good quality neetsfoot oil. The drying process will help suck the oil into the leather

This "spring check" is a great habit to get into, not only for adults, but for children too. Teaching your children the importance of good quality AMERICAN MADE leather tack and proper care will insure the safety of both your child and horse. It will also give you a sense of pride and confidence in your saddle and equipment.

Buckaroo Leather prides itself on the AMERICAN MADE quality leather we use from Hermann Oak Leather to manufacture all of our western leather horse tack.

As mentioned above, cleaning is important, but checking the durability of your horse tack is vital. Unlike imported tack that has no integrity, a quality leather horse tack will be more durable and much less likely to crack making it safer! One of the ways to stop the wear on your saddles billets, are Wear Leathers!

One of Buckaroo Leather's innovations are the Wear Leathers (see below) on all our offside billets. The wear leather stops your saddle rigging dee rings from wear into the billets, which can cause a stress point!!

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