Monday, June 8, 2015

A Breast Collar That Trigger Wore.....Over The Neck Style

In the picture above, you will see Roy Rogers and Trigger and one of his amazing saddles with the over the neck style leather Breast Collar. You can see this style in many of Roy’s photos and movies with Trigger.

Trigger's finest saddles were made by Edward H. Bohlin. He was known as the Michelangelo of saddle making. Many of Trigger's saddles were covered in intricate patterns in silver and gold, and some of them weighed as much as 150 pounds.

Along with his Bohlin saddles, Roy also purchased the Music saddle. It is one of the most elaborate saddles ever made. It was created in the early 1930's for a lady named Mrs. Music and she rode this saddle in the annual Rose Parade and other events for a number of years. She was a small lady and this saddle has a very small seat. It took 16 men almost a year to produce this saddle set that originally sold for $20,000 and reportedly contained 1,400 ounces of sterling silver, 136 ounces of gold and hundreds of Czech rubies. Roy bought the items from the original owner's estate in 1950 for $50,000

Would you love to have a western breast collar with the over the neck style that is inspired by Trigger's. Buckaroo Leather now has the Hollywood One Piece Breast Collar. (above)

And if you also love the parade style horse tack inspired by Ed Bohlin we have a vintage parade headstall that is beautiful. This was a custom order and can be made to order especially for you.

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