Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Justin Dunn and Our Sidepull Bridle at Mustang Magic Makeover

 Justin Dunn and Cinnamon Girl
wearing the Buckaroo bitless sidepull 

Buckaroo Leather is honored and excited to have horse trainer Justin Dunn and his horse Cinnamon Girl use our sidepull bitless bridle to compete at the Mustang Magic Makeover.

Mustang Magic will return to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo in Fort Worth, Texas on January 24-26 2013.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation, in cooperation with the BLM, created this Extreme Mustang Makeover event in order to recognize and highlight the value of Mustangs through a national training competition. This event gives the public a unique opportunity to see the results of wild horses becoming trained mounts. The purpose of the Extreme Mustang Makeover is to showcase the beauty, versatility and trainability of the rugged horses that roam freely on public lands throughout the West, where they are protected by the BLM under Federal law.

 Cinnamon Girl and the Buckaroo Bitless Sidepull

This Extreme Mustang Makeover competition will feature 20 wild Mustangs and trainers, like Justin, from across the country to compete for a purse of $10,000.  Competitions like Handling & Conditioning, Compulsory Maneuvers, Trail and Reining Pattern classes and a Freestyle Finals performance. 

And the most exciting part is at the end of the competition all competing Mustangs will be up for adoption by the public through competitive bids on Saturday, January 26th.

Buckaroo Leather looks forward to working with Justin in the future and we wish him good luck in this Mustang competition.

Follow Justin and the competition by visiting the Extreme Mustang Makeover website here.

Justin Heading up to the elk camp, with a pack horse and two saddle horses.

Justin and many other horse trainers like him use the bitless bridle in competition and every day riding. Justin has many years of experience using the sidepull and has been very successful in training and communicating with horses, especially the American Mustang.

Click here to listen to an informative interview with Justin and learn more about him by visiting his website.

Originally the sidepull bridle was designed as a training headstall and to give some relief from the bit when needed. Many riders are using them now in everyday riding, once they, and their horse, have been trained, evaluated and or advised by a professional trainer, like Justin.

Buckaroo Leather offers many styles of the bitless bridles. All our leather horse tack is hand crafted here in the U.S. Buckaroo Leather loves to do custom orders too!

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