Thursday, November 15, 2012

Custom American Made Leather Purse...Cowgirl Holiday Gift

I recently posted a picture of a leather purse on facebook and I had an overwhelming response and interest from all you cowgirls. 

So.....Drum Roll........

Buckaroo Leather is excited to introduce the new Buckaroo American Made Leather Purse....Just in time for the holidays.  

The Buckaroo leather purse is hand crafted 1 at a time on our work benches with Hermann Oak Leather. We are using bridle leather on the main body with supple chap leather on the end. The basic size of the purse will be 6" wide across the bottom, 10" long and 7" tall. 

The Buckaroo Purse will be $139.00 for your basic style. I have listed the basic style choices for this handcrafted leather purse below, but Buckaroo Leather wants you to design your own custom leather purse too.

Your custom designed leather purse can have different tooling, unique conchas including bling, we can brand a ranch brand or initials and you can change the size of the purse. Let Buckaroo Leather help you design the purse of your dreams, just give me a call 530-545-0139.

The Buckaroo Leather handcrafted purse makes a unique holiday gift too....made right here in America!!!

The Purse is being offered with a few basic choices.....

The Body of the Purse...the tooled leather area,
You have a choice of....

  1. Natural light oil as picture
  2. Dark oiled like Chocolate Brown
  3. Black
The Chap Leather ends....

  1. Medium brown
  2. Chocolate Brown
  3. Black
  4. Denim Blue
  5. Dark Hunter Green

Wild Rose
Tame Rose

Choice of Tooling.....

  1. Scroll floral (as pictured on the purse)
  2. Wild Rose (pictured above)
  3. Tame Rose (pictured above)
  4. Acorn Oak
  5. Traditional Basket Stamp

Choice of Conchas......You can have 1 concha on each side with tooling around the concha. Buckaroo Leather has many concha styles to choose from to make this leather purse unique. 

The purse straps can either be long enough to cross the body, a back pack style, or the straps can be made from the same harness leather that is used with our soft and supple ultimate roping reins. (pictured below)


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